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Our Boynton Beach car accident lawyers can help you pick up the pieces following a crash. Since 1972, we’ve helped wrongfully injured victims across South Florida. We always offer free case consultations in our Boynton office and there are never any up-front costs. Our Boynton Beach personal injury lawyers are here to help you with every aspect of your car crash claim. Call us now to see why we are different: 561-717-0817.

5 Mistakes People Make Following a Boynton Beach Car Accident

1. “We don’t need to involve the police…”

Failing to call the Boynton Beach police following a motor vehicle accident is a major mistake. Even if you feel the crash was minor, always call the police. Without an official police report, the insurance company may dispute a crash occurred.

2. “I am not injured…”

Following a car accident, your body surges with adrenaline. This is known as ‘fight or flight’ response. This adrenaline rush conceals potential injuries and pain. If you do not take an ambulance from the scene of the Boynton car accident, seek follow up treatment with a doctor right away. In Florida, you must seek medical treatment within 14 days of a motor vehicle accident to qualify for PIP coverage.

3. Failing to take pictures of the Boynton Beach car accident

Today, almost everyone has a smart phone equipped with a camera. Use it! A picture is worth 1,000 words. You would be shocked at how witness accounts change over time. Photos do not lie. Always take pictures of the car crash damage to both vehicles. Do not rely on police or other parties to send you their pictures.

4. Giving statements to the insurance company

Insurance companies are in the business of not paying you on your claim. From day one, they are working hard to lower your case value. Do not give any statements to any insurance company without having a lawyer first.

5. Speak with our Boynton Beach car accident attorneys

It is undisputed that represented parties recover significantly more money in car accident claims versus those who decide to go it alone. Our lawyers have more than 50 years handling South Florida car accident injury cases. We have recovered in excess of $10 million on individual car accident cases. We are dedicated, serious lawyers here to help maximize your car accident settlement or judgment. Speak with us today to see why we are different than your average Boynton car crash attorneys.

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Why Our Law Firm? The Senior Justice Difference.

No Gimmicks. Just Serious Car Accident Lawyers for Serious Injuries.

There is no shortage of car accident lawyers here in South Florida. Some have catchy 1-800 number commercials. Others buy up every I-95 billboard from the Gateway Boulevard exit to the Woolbright Road exit. At Senior Justice Law Firm, we do not mass market our law firm. You will find our lawyers at the courthouse, not on a billboard.

Focused on Getting You What You Deserve Following a Car Crash

Similarly, we do not have 10 staff members for every lawyer in our office. Your case will be handled by a lawyer whom you will speak to regularly. Your case will not be relegated to a paralegal or case manager.

Maximizing Your Settlement or Jury Verdict Through Hard Work

The key to making your case valuable is through attorney elbow grease. There is no paralegal substitute for a lawyer’s hard work. When interviewing potential lawyers, make sure you find one who is willing to put in the effort.

Our Reputation. Your Gain.

Even if you do not want to go to trial, you need a law firm with a trial-ready reputation.  Only a handful of South Florida lawyers have this trial-tested reputation, and insurance companies take note.

Unlike some of the large advertising firms, we limit our caseload to ensure that our clients get individualized attention. This means bigger settlements and verdicts when compared to an ‘assembly line’ high volume – low value law firm. We are a law firm, not a law factory.

Boynton Beach Car Accident Lawyers Who Care

Car accident lawyers get a bad rap. Some deserve it, others do not. Do not entrust your case to a lawyer you do not feel comfortable with. We strongly encourage you to meet with our lawyers, as well as other firms. Choose the lawyer with whom you feel the most comfortable. Read about our prior client reviews to see we truly are different.

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Boynton Beach Car Accident Injuries

Disc Herniation

The most common injury we see in car accident cases is a disc herniation. Herniated discs can occur in the cervical spine (the neck), the thoracic spine (the mid-back) or the lumbar spine (the low back). Your nerves are bundled in your spine. These nerves transmit pain and sensation throughout your entire body. This means if you have a herniated disc at C6-C7 in your neck, it could radiate down and cause numbness and tingling in your hands.

If you suffered a disc herniation in a Boynton Beach car accident, you likely have a serious injury that will require ongoing treatment. Make sure to get fair compensation for this lifelong disc injury.

Sprain and Strain Injuries

Many victims of car accidents go to the hospital. As Boynton Beach car accident lawyers, most of our clients go to Bethesda Hospital, JFK Medical Center or Delray Beach Medical Center. Increasingly, we see clients visiting the Bethesda West emergency room.

Regardless of where you go, a typical hospital discharge will conclude you have ‘Sprain/strain’ injuries of your lumbar or cervical spine. This is also referred to as ‘soft tissue injury.’ It is important to note that most hospitals do not have the patient undergo an MRI. Instead, Boynton-area hospitals will only do an X-ray or CT Scan. This means they will not be able to view your spinal discs, and cannot tell if you have a disc herniation.

For this reason, it is very important that you follow up with an Orthopedic specialist or a Chiropractor.

Broken Bones

Broken bones and fractures are common following a traumatic Boynton Beach car accident. Serious comminuted fractures are frequently seen in older car accident victims. Broken bones are acute in nature and can result in significant settlement awards from insurance companies.

Wrongful Death

According to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were more than 2,000 fatal crashes in the State of Florida last year. If you lost a loved one due to a negligent driver, ask our attorneys about filing a Boynton Beach wrongful death lawsuit. In this type of case, you can seek compensation for the deceased’s medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, lost wages, and missed opportunities. Typically, the largest damage is the pain and suffering of the surviving family members, for which you can also be compensated. If you are contemplating a wrongful death claim, act fast. The statute of limitations (time period to raise your claim) is shorter than that of a normal Boynton Beach car accident case.

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