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We pride ourselves on the reputation that our lawyers worked for years to build. We are tenacious, ethical litigators, advocating for the rights of our clients. We understand that serious injuries forever change lives. The loss of a loved one requires justice to ensure that this preventable tragedy does not occur again.

We know there are other lawyers out there. When you choose our law firm, we do not take our responsibilities lightly. We fight tirelessly for justice and compensation for you. Let our experienced team of top-rated attorneys right the wrong you and your family experienced. We are here to help pick up the pieces following a serious injury or wrongful death.

Senior Justice Law Firm’s mission statement: Our attorneys represent families impacted by elder abuse with compassion, concern, and commitment to our clients and community, thereby improving our healthcare system through advocacy, accountability, and justice. 

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A Track Record of Success and Happy Clients

We live in a world of over-promising and under-delivering. Many lawyers blanket highway billboards and TV commercials, promising results that are unattainable. This is not our firm.

Our lawyers and staff place client satisfaction as our top priority. There is always an open line of communication between our attorneys and our clients. We keep clients informed on the progress of their case and how their claim can be improved/maximized.

We devote every ounce of our professional energy to making our clients happy, and our near-flawless client reviews reflect this. Our lawyers have been awarded the Avvo ‘Client’s Choice’ Award and the Martindale-Hubbell ‘Client Champion’ Award due to perfect client satisfaction ratings.

Do not take our word on this. Seriously. Real time links to our former client reviews can be found here, here, here and here.

In addition to enjoying years of success in and outside of the courtroom, at Senior Justice Law Firm, our clients love us. And we love them. Shouldn’t you want the same from your attorney?

A Law Firm; Not a Law Factory

Senior Justice Law Firm does not accept a large volume of low damage cases. Our skilled trial attorneys limit the cases we accept to those involving serious injury and wrongful death. This ensures that, if we accept your case, you will receive the individualized attention that you deserve.

This means from the day we sign up your case until the case’s finality, you will speak with a lawyer, and not a ‘case manager.’ Your case will be aggressively pursued by an attorney, not a staff member. When you have a question or want an update, you will speak with your lawyer, not a legal assistant.

You wouldn’t want a physician’s assistant to perform your surgery. This is a doctor’s job. Make sure you have a skilled attorney, and not a paralegal, handling your lawsuit.

Lawyers You Can Trust

Unfortunately, lawyers do not enjoy the greatest reputation in the community at large. Senior Justice Law Firm is the exception to this rule. Our law firm is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau and our senior attorneys have been AV rated with Martindale-Hubbell.

AV Preeminent is a significant rating accomplishment a testament to the fact that a lawyer’s peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence. Martindale-Hubbell

In addition to our various awards and recognition in the legal community, our attorneys have achieved some of the largest jury verdicts in our sub-specialty practice areas.

Lawyers With Experience

With decades of experience litigating abuse, neglect, personal injury and death cases, and over $25 million recovered for wrongfully injured clients, our lawyers have the unique experience needed to successfully win your case.

Lawyers With Compassion

Lawyers who care? Sounds like a crazy concept right?

Because we limit our caseload to serious matters only, we know what you are going through is disruptive and traumatic. We understand how your losses can derail life as you know it. A permanent personal injury or wrongful death in the family turns the world upside down. As genuinely compassionate attorneys (and human beings), we know our task is to get you the most compensation possible to try to repair the harm done. Our lawyers wake up everyday with one mission: achieve justice for our clients.

A Law Firm Committed to Doing What is Best for Our Clients: Settlement or Trial

Senior Justice Law Firm is made up exclusively of trial lawyers, and we only represent wrongfully injured people. You need a trial lawyer to represent you, regardless of whether you wish to try your case before a jury or settle out of court. Our attorneys thrive in the courtroom, and we prepare every case as if it is going to trial. Defendants and their insurers are aware of this reputation. It is this trial-ready reputation that allows us to recover favorable settlements without always having to go to trial.  Whether you want to resolve your case outside of court or try the matter before a jury, we are committed to doing what is best for our clients and abiding by their wishes. We pride ourselves on open communication and we are attentive to each client’s individual needs throughout the litigation process.

Straight Answers to Tough Questions

From the moment you contact our law firm, we provide you with honest legal answers to your most difficult questions. If there are weaknesses or issues with you case, we will give you the good with the bad. Our experience allows us to honestly evaluate your potential claim, and we will always tell it to you straight.

All consultations and case evaluations are complimentary, and we only get paid if you make a financial recovery.

Want to Know More? Let’s Talk

Choosing your lawyer is a big decision. You only get one chance at making your claim.

Let our team of experienced, successful and compassionate attorneys help you on your journey to justice.

Call us toll-free at 888-375-9998 to learn more about how we can help.

Q. I cannot afford to hire a lawyer right now. How much do you charge?

A. The lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm work exclusively on contingency fee. This means you do not pay us anything unless you make a recovery (i.e. receive a settlement or a judgment). At that time, we will take a percentage of the recovery as attorney’s fees. This number is typically 33.3 to 40% of the recovery, depending on when the case resolves.

Q. What about paying the costs of the litigation?
A. We will never ask for any up-front payment from you. Our law firm gladly pays all costs associated with the pursuing your claim. This includes costs of getting medical records, having experts review the case, depositions and court reporters. If we win your case, we deduct the costs from your recovery.

Q. Why should I retain Senior Justice Law Firm to represent me?

A. You only get one opportunity to bring your claim. Sadly, not all lawyers are created equally. You need a lawyer who cares about you, and is also knowledgeable on the law governing your case. You need a lawyer who handles cases like yours; not a lawyer who accepts any case that walks in the door.
Elder abuse and neglect litigation is a very niche practice area. We created this law firm to handle these very cases. Our attorneys are narrowly focused and immensely experienced in this sub-specialty. To learn more about the lawyers at Senior Justice, click here.

Q. I am hesitant to waste time contacting a lawyer as I do not know if this is a case. How can I quickly determine if my case has merit?

A. We understand your apprehension to speak with an attorney. However, evaluating the case facts is a fairly simple and quick process. Simply call, chat or submit your case facts. Our attorneys can usually decide whether we can assist with the matter within a week or so. Please be as descriptive as possible in telling us who was injured, who was negligent, and what they did wrong.

Q. I cannot physically come into your office. How can we start the case investigation process?

A. Our law firm leverages technology to make the claim process as easy for you as possible.
First, we will send you our contingency fee retainer agreement. This is done electronically via DocuSign, so no printing or mailing is required. Once we have the signed medical authorizations, we begin requesting your loved one’s medical records.
From there, we have these medical records reviewed by a long term care expert, in order to establish the viability of the case. After that, we either send out pre-suit notice to the defendant or file the lawsuit.
Sometimes, cases settle at a pre-litigation mediation outside of the court system. Other cases require litigation and discovery. This really all depends on what the family wants in terms of an outcome, and how ready the defendant is to resolve the case. At the end of the day, you as the client control the outcome and course of the case.