Is my Non Profit Nursing Home Really Not-for-Profit?

Is Your Non-Profit Nursing Home Really Not for Profit?

Non-profit nursing homes generally perform better than for-profit facilities. However, the real question should be, is my facility truly a non-profit nursing home? Or a for-profit facility in disguise. Generally Speaking, Non Profit Facilities are Better Ownership matters. Culture emanates from the top. Almost every study on the subject confirms that not for profit nursing homes have…

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Florida AHCA Employee Sentenced for Leaking Inspection Details to Troubled South Florida Nursing Home

AHCA Employee Bertha Blanco Sold Secrets to Negligent Nursing Home Owners

Surprise nursing home inspections work for one reason: they are a surprise to management. Unfortunately, not all Florida nursing homes play by the rules. Sadly, many nursing home administrators and owners actually bribe health inspectors to get an inside tip when AHCA will show up. But those who break the rules eventually get caught, including…

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