Hollywood Hills License Revoked – Judge Orders

Hollywood Hills license is revoked because they were negligent. Senior Justice Law Firm sues negligent long-term care facilities.

In recent news, a Florida judge has affirmed an administrative ruling which revoked Hollywood Hills license due to death related to Hurricane Irma.  The State of Florida had previously revoked Hollywood Hills license due to numerous infractions, including improper planning for hurricanes. Why Was Hollywood Hills License Suspended? In September of 2017, Hurricane Irma wrecked…

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How Do I Prevent Nursing Home Injuries?

It is impossible to prevent nursing home injuries from occurring with a 100% success rate.  Some injuries are not preventable.  But, that does not mean there are not tools and strategies that help prevent nursing home injuries from taking place.  In this article, we will discuss methods to reduce the chance your loved one is…

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Lawsuits Against HarborChase of Venice

A below average rating shows why there are lawsuits against HarborChase of Venice,

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury at HarborChase in Venice, Florida?  If so, you should consider legal action.  There have been four lawsuits against HarborChase of Venice in the last 4 years alleging assisted living facility negligence and abuse.  If you believe you or someone close to you was injured, call 561-717-0817…

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Sexual Predators at Nursing Homes

Sexual predators in nursing homes can assault elderly residents. Senior Justice Law Firm fights for justice for sexual assault victims.

Sexual Predators at Nursing Homes – An Unspoken Problem Nursing home abuse and neglect has become a nationwide issue.  From state governments to Congress, the world is beginning to learn about the horrible truths of abuse and neglect at elder care facilities.  Sadly, there is an all to common problem that is not being spoken…

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Son’s Hidden Camera Catches Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home aides convicted of elder abuse from hidden camera footage

Unexplained Nursing Home Injuries Warranted Further Investigation by Cleveland Family When Esther ‘Mitzi’ Piskor developed Alzheimer’s Disease, her family could not care for her needs at home. Like many other families, the Piskor’s were faced with a tough decision. Upon advice from their family doctor, the Piskor’s placed Mitzi in a nursing home. The family…

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