Elder Abuse Statistics

10% of Seniors Face Elder Abuse in America

Elder Abuse Statistics Indicate an Alarming Trend As America’s Population Ages, Elder Abuse is a Growing Problem Despite growing awareness, elder abuse incidents continue to increase. 2017 had the highest reported incidents of elder abuse in U.S. history, with elder abuse statistics confirming that 1 in 3 nursing home residents personally witnessed abuse in the…

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Why Do I Have to Answer Interrogatories?

Object and Not Answer Interrogatory Questions

If you filed a lawsuit in Florida, you will be required to answer interrogatories propounded by the Defendant. But are you legally required to answer these interrogatories? Since the Defendant hurt you through their negligence, why should you have to answer their interrogatory questions? Our Boynton Beach personal injury lawyers explain interrogatories, which ones you…

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Is This Nursing Home Neglect?

What is Nursing Home Neglect?

Recognizing nursing home neglect is no easy task. Nursing home neglect is caused by a variety of reasons and takes the form of many injuries. So let’s pin down the easy stuff first. What is Nursing Home Neglect? Neglect vs. Abuse vs. Negligence Abuse is intentional wrongdoing. Negligence is failing to do what a reasonable…

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