$12.5 million jury verdict for a bed sore victim in Tampa. This is the largest verdict against a Florida assisted living facility ever.
$12.8 million jury verdict for bed sores leading to amputation in California.
$10 million jury verdict for medical malpractice in Utah.
$5.56 million jury verdict in Colorado for nursing home UTI and dehydration wrongful death.
$5.5 million jury verdict for a nursing home medication error lawsuit.
$2.25 million Pennsylvania nursing home negligence jury verdict.
$1 million jury verdict in Pennsylvania for an elderly fall resulting in a hip fracture.
$800,000 jury verdict in rural Pennsylvania for nursing home negligence.


$7 million Nursing Home Qui Tam Settlement - Largest nursing home Covid fraud case settlement in US history
$3 million sexual abuse case settlement.
$2 million Florida assisted living facility neglect settlement.
$2 million Nursing Home Elopement - Pennsylvania nursing home elopement wrongful death settlement
$1 million Group Home Settlement - Florida stage four pressure ulcer resulting in death
$1 million dollar hospital wrongful death settlement in Washington.
$1 million sexual assault settlement in Florida.
$1 million dollar elder abuse settlement in New York.
$750,000 Nursing Home Fall in Chicago, IL - nursing home fall lawsuit settlement
$750,000 nursing home fall settlement in Florida.
$700,000 nursing home wrongful death settlement in Illinois.
$500,000 nursing home bed sore settlement in Florida.
$400,000 hospital bed sore settlement in Maryland.
$350,000 assisted living facility fall settlement in Georgia.