Lawyer Referrals are the Greatest Compliment We Receive

FL Personal Injury Referral AttorneyMost of our cases come as co-counsel referrals from other lawyers. Our co-counsel relationships are a point of pride for us, as it means that other lawyers trust us with their client’s case. If you are looking to refer a client to Senior Justice Law Firm who was injured by a Florida nursing home, personal injury, hospital or assisted living facility, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Lawyers Refer Us Cases

  • Attorneys respect our decades of experience handling Florida medical injury cases
  • Attorneys admire our national reputation for litigating nursing home abuse claims
  • Attorneys love the fact that we pay the highest allowable referral fees on every case
  • Attorneys trust the fact that each case referral is memorialized in our contract, through a signed ‘Consent to Referral’, guaranteeing a referral fee is provided to the referring attorney if a recovery is made. The client and the referral attorney sign the Consent to Referral and the referral attorney is given a copy for their own records.

We Are Your Florida Nursing Home Abuse Co-Counsel

Cases involving allegations of nursing home abuse, assisted living facility neglect and hospital or doctor negligence are costly. They require a team of expert witnesses and thousands of dollars worth of investigation. Florida also requires a mandatory pre-suit period for cases against medical providers, nursing homes and ALFs. Failure to comply with these conditions precedent may result in dismissal of the action. Our lawyers not only understand these chapters of the Florida Statutes, but were integral in revisions to the law itself.

Florida nursing home negligence co-counselHow Can I Co-Counsel with Senior Justice?

Referring a client to our law firm is simple. Provide us the information below, and we will get back to you on whether we can help your potential client.

We will not contact the potential client without consulting with you first.

Florida Personal Injury Referral Attorneys
We work closely with referring co-counsel to maximize our clients’ recovery on Florida personal injury cases.