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FL Personal Injury Referral AttorneyMost of our cases come as co-counsel referrals from other lawyers. Our co-counsel relationships are a point of pride for us, as it means that other lawyers trust us with their client’s case. If you are looking to refer a Florida case involving nursing home abuse, personal injury or wrongful death, you’ve come to the right place.

We accept elder abuse and wrongful death referrals across Florida and we have 3 Florida offices to better serve our statewide practice. Best of all, we always pay the highest allowable referral fee (25%) to originating counsel.

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Why Lawyers Refer Us Florida Nursing Home Abuse Cases

  • Attorneys respect our decades of experience handling Florida elder abuse cases.
  • Attorneys admire our national reputation for litigating nursing home abuse claims.
  • Attorneys love the fact that we pay the highest allowable referral fees on every case.
  • Attorneys trust the fact that each case referral is memorialized in our contract, through a signed ‘Consent to Referral’, guaranteeing a referral fee is paid to the referring attorney if a recovery is made.

We Are Your Florida Nursing Home Abuse Co-Counsel

Cases involving allegations of nursing home abuse, assisted living facility neglect and hospital or doctor negligence are costly. They require a team of expert witnesses and thousands of dollars worth of investigation. Florida also requires a mandatory pre-suit period for cases against medical providers, nursing homes and ALF’s. Failure to comply with these conditions precedent may result in dismissal of the action.

Our lawyers not only understand these chapters of the Florida Statutes, but were integral in revisions to the law itself.

Florida Nursing Home Abuse Co-Counsel Lawyers

Specific Injuries Require Specific Lawyers

At Senior Justice Law Firm, the majority of our caseload involves lawsuits against nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals. We are one of the few Florida firms to hold this distinction. Our lawyers have a combined 60+ year experience pursuing Florida elder abuse wrongful death claims.

Because of our experience with this niche sub-specialty, we have developed relationships with most corporate owners of Florida facilities. This allows us to expediently and successfully resolve cases on behalf of our clients.

Senior Justice Law Firm at a Glance

  • Perfect 5.0 AV Rating for Ethics and Experience
  • Over $50 Million Recovered for Wrongfully Abused or Neglected Residents inside Florida Facilities
  • Our Attorneys Regularly Lecture on Nursing Home Abuse Litigation
  • Our Attorneys Have Been Selected as Binding Arbitrators to Rule on Nursing Home Wrongful Death Disputes
  • We Always Pay the Highest Allowable Referral Fee to Originating Co-Counsel (25% of the fee)

Common Nursing Home & Assisted Living Injuries We Handle

Admittedly, elder abuse injury claims often fly under the radar due to the victim’s advanced age. Screening viable cases can be difficult for attorneys that do not focus on this practice area. The below represents the top 5 kinds of claims we bring against Florida facilities:

  1. Bedsores
  2. Falls
  3. Wrongful Death
  4. Dehydration and Rapid Weight Loss
  5. Medication Mistakes

Unsure if your client has a viable elder abuse or neglect claim? When in doubt, refer the matter to the caring and experienced attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm. We always provide free case consultations and we are happy to speak with your potential client about their legal options.

Our Florida Wrongful Death Law Firm Pays Referral Fees

Common Florida Nursing Home Abuse Referral Sources

We regularly receive Florida nursing home abuse referrals from out-of-area counsel, probate attorneys, personal injury lawyers and family attorneys. Regardless of your legal background, we always protect your referral fee and appreciate you making us your Florida firm.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” — Andrew Carnegie

How Can I Co-Counsel with Senior Justice?

Referring a client to our law firm is simple. Provide us the information below, and we will get back to you on whether we can help your potential client.

We will not contact the potential client without consulting with you first.

We work closely with referring co-counsel to maximize our clients’ recovery on Florida wrongful death and personal injury cases.