Can I Sue Brookdale Senior Living for Negligence?

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Brookdale Senior Living is a massive corporation, controlling more than 1,100 facilities in 47 U.S. states. Unfortunately, not all Brookdale assisted living facilities do right by residents, with some Brookdale facilities receiving repeated citations for substandard care. Our nursing home abuse law firm has successfully litigated numerous cases against Brookdale for abuse, neglect and negligence. With a combined 50+ years pursuing justice for wrongfully injured victims and over $100 million recovered in the past for our clients, let our lawyers’ experience help maximize your Brookdale settlement or verdict. Call us today, toll-free, for your free Brookdale injury case evaluation. Call now at 1-888-375-9998.

Do I Have a Negligence Case vs. Brookdale?

In the past, the lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm have sued Brookdale for a variety of abuse and neglect injuries. There is no definitive list of Brookdale injuries which justify a lawsuit. However, we do see a common set of injuries which suggest assisted living facility negligence.

Common Brookdale Resident Injuries Resulting in Litigation

What is a Case Against Brookdale Worth?

Assisted living facility negligence and nursing home abuse claims can vary greatly in value. A minor injury case against Brookdale may be worth $15,000 while an aggravated liability wrongful death lawsuit may be worth in excess of $1 million. Each case is different and depends entirely on the specific case facts. If you are interested in determining if you have a case against Brookdale for injury or wrongful death, call our experienced elder abuse lawyers today for your free consultation: 1-888-375-9998.

Are Brookdale Facilities Understaffed?

A recent lawsuit alleges Brookdale intentionally understaffed its facilities and exposed residents to harm. All in the name of profit.

In 2020, the lawsuit of Davis v. Baier et al, was filed in the U.S. District Court. The lawsuit alleges numerous violations perpetrated by Brookdale. Specifically, the Brookdale understaffing lawsuit alleges:

  • Brookdale purposely understaffed its senior care living communities, putting residents in harms way.
  • By intentionally understaffing its facilities, Brookdale exposed the company to litigation due to preventable injuries and wrongful death.
  • The choice to understaff its facilities had a material negative effect on Brookdale’s reputation.
  • The decision to understaff nursing homes and assisted living facilities was made to maximize profits. 
  • The company’s actions were “unlawful and fraudulent.”

A March 2021 lawsuit against Brookdale filed by California Attorney General alleges Brookdale manipulated its Medicare star rating and concealed adverse incidents, like bed sores, broken bones and resident deaths.

When long-term care providers place profits before people and understaff facilities, the results are deadly. If there are not enough staff members to assist and supervise residents, mistakes are bound to occur.

A Large Settlement Will Not Bring Back my Loved One, So Why Bring a Case Against Brookdale for Negligence?

No amount of money will ever undo a catastrophic injury to our family members. However, in seeking justice through a Brookdale negligence lawsuit, a family can ensure that the corporation learns from its mistakes and hopefully, prevent the harm from happening to the next resident.

How Pursuing a Brookdale Claim Can Effect Change From the Top

Suing Brookdale for Negligence Creates Change

Brookdale is the largest corporate-owned nursing home and assisted living facility chain in the world. Brookdale is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BKD. With a long history of mergers, acquisitions, corporate takeovers and a New York City investment management firm taking majority ownership of the company, Brookdale operates like most Fortune 500 companies. Brookdale focuses on its bottom line profits. This means, if your loved one was abused, neglected, killed or injured due to a Brookdale facility’s negligence, an angry letter or negative online review will not make it on the CEO’s radar. In order to effect change in a large corporate nursing home chain like Brookdale, you have to take their money from them.

Taking the Next Step in Your Brookdale Negligence Lawsuit

If you are ready to begin the investigation into why your loved one was injured inside a Brookdale nursing home or assisted living facility, our experienced and compassionate lawyers are here to help. Call us today or fill out the free case evaluation form below to begin the conversation. Let our decades of elder abuse experience help you in your journey to justice.

The Senior Justice Difference

Brookdale Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

At Senior Justice Law Firm, our firm focus is on representing victims of nursing home and assisted living facility abuse. We have extensive experience in pursuing claims against Brookdale Senior Living and we have a combined 50 years of courtroom-tested resolve. Most important of all, our lawyers and staff care deeply about our clients. We practice law like a firm, not an assembly line. We provide the 1 on 1 attention that these enraging elder abuse cases deserve. Don’t believe us? Call us today to interview our lawyers and learn how we can help you achieve justice for your Brookdale injury or wrongful death claim. 1-888-375-9998.