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Keys Lawyer to Sue Homeowners Policy for Hurricane Irma Damage

Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys, destroying much in its path. Luckily, many Florida Keys residents evacuated before the storm, saving their lives. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for their most valuable assets and property. Your homeowners insurance and flood insurance are legally required to pay you for your losses. Failure to pay you in full and on time may result in a Florida Keys Hurricane Irma homeowners insurance lawsuit.

If you feel your Hurricane Irma claim is being delayed, denied or undervalued, you need a lawyer to advocate for your interests. Sometimes, the only way a homeowners or flood insurer takes your claim seriously is to be represented by an experienced attorney. We are South Florida hurricane insurance claim lawyers. Get your free claim consultation now.

What Kinds of Keys Hurricane Irma Claims Do You Handle?

Hurricane Irma has left record breaking amounts of damage from Key West to Key Largo. Hopefully, your insurance company does the right thing and pays you in full for your loss. If the insurance company fails to pay your claim on time, or offers you too little to settle your claim, our Florida Keys Hurricane Irma damage lawyers can help.

Our Lawyers Handle the Following FL Keys Hurricane Irma Damage Claims

  • Roof Damage
  • Flooding of flooring due to water
  • Internal leaks and burst pipes
  • Homeowners association roof replacement claims
  • Condominium wind and water damage claims
  • Additional living expenses (A.L.E.) and relocation standard of living costs
  • Mold due to water damage from the hurricane
  • Broken windows
  • Destroyed computers, televisions, electronics and high value possessions
  • Ruined furniture
  • Boat damage
  • Car damage

More About Our Keys Hurricane Insurance Claim Attorneys

How Much Do You Charge to Represent Hurricane Irma Victims in the Florida Keys?

This is a common concern for many of our clients. After you suffered a massive property damage loss in Hurricane Irma, the last commitment you’d like to take on is a hefty lawyer bill. We get that.

Our lawyers work on contingency. This means you do not pay us anything if you do not make a recovery and there are no up front payments, ever.

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Serious Representation for Serious Hurricane Insurance Claims

Call us now to learn more about our South Florida law firm, why we care and how we are different. Your homeowners insurance undoubtedly has a team of lawyers looking out for their interests. Make sure you have an attorney in your corner. Let us help you pick up the pieces following catastrophic property damage from Hurricane Irma.

Suing a Homeowners Insurance Company for Hurricane Irma Damage

Key West Hurricane Irma Damage Lawyer

Key West sustained a brutal direct hit from Hurricane Irma. From the outer banks of Roosevelt Boulevard inward to Flagler Avenue and Key West’s famed Duval Street, not one part of the island was spared. This resulted in millions of dollars in property damage to Key West residents. If your home or business was damaged, or you suffered flooding, boat damage or roof damage, contact our compassionate and experienced lawyers today to learn more about preserving your legal rights regarding your Hurricane Irma claim in the Keys.

Islamorada Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim

Did you suffer Hurricane Irma damage in Islamorada? Chances are, your homeowners insurance or flood insurance will lowball your settlement offer. Florida hurricane damage clients represented by counsel statistically get much larger settlements. Do not get hurt twice. Contact Senior Justice Law Firm for your Islamorada Hurricane Irma insurance claim.

Hurricane Insurance Lawyer for Irma Damage in Key Largo

Centered around mile marker 100, Key Largo is one of the larger Keys in the archipelago chain south of the Florida mainland. Although Key Largo was east of the eye of Hurricane Irma, the key sadly sustained significant damage. If you were one of the unfortunate victims to suffer Hurricane Irma flooding or destruction of your roof in Key Largo, give our lawyers a call. We are here to help you maximize your Florida Keys Hurricane Irma homeowners insurance claim.


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