The lion is one of our planet’s most majestic and awe inspiring animals. We chose the lion as our logo because it is strong, protective and just. A lion does not fight arbitrarily. When it does engage, it prevails.


For millennia, mankind has revered lions. In the Old Testament, the lion represented the Tribe of Judah. In nature, the lion is regarded as the king of the jungle and the top of the food chain in ecosystems it inhabits.

Let a Lion Defend Your Pride

At Senior Justice Law Firm, we detest elder abuse. We believe a society is measured by how it protects its most vulnerable.

Child abuse is universally regarded as disgusting. We feel that elder abuse is no different.

In the wake of a horrific nursing home injury or death, your family is likely searching for answers. This is unchartered territory for most adult children.

Our firm is compromised of some of the most elite nursing home negligence litigators in the nation. This is all we do. Let our experienced, compassionate and dedicated law firm guide you on your path to justice.

The healing process begins with getting answers. Start the conversation today by contacting our office. Even if its not in your nature to act like a lion, roar on behalf of those who cannot.

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