How Can I Report Nursing Home Abuse & Elder Abuse? Learn where to report nursing home abuse in your state.

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What to do if you suspect nursing home abuse

Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Abuse Reporting Agencies Across America by State

State Report Elder Abuse
  • 1-800-730-6393
  •  907-334-4483
  • 1-SOS-ADULT or,
  • 1-877-767-2385
  • 602-674-4200
California California Nursing Home
Complaints: California Ombudsman
  • 1-800-231-4024

Reporting Elder Abuse in CA:

Los Angeles County

Nursing Home Abuse in San Diego:

Ombudsman San Diego

Report Elder Abuse in Los Angeles

Ombudsman LA

Report Elder Abuse San Francisco

Ombudsman San Fran

Report Nursing Home in Southern California:

(310) 393-3618


  • 1-800-773-1366 or
  • 1-800-886-7689, Ext. 2800
  • (303) 692-2800
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: (303) 753-6214
  • Colorado Nursing Home Complaints
  • 1-860-424-5241
  • 1-800-223-9074
District of Columbia
  • 202-434-2140
Florida Florida Elder Abuse Reporting


Florida Nursing Home

  • 1-800-962-2873
Georgia 1-800-878-6442

404-657-5728 (Atlanta)

GA Nursing Home Complaints

  • 671-475-0268
  • After Hours: 671-646-4455
  • 808-832-5115(Oahu)
  • 808-243-5151 (Maui)
  • 808-241-3432 (Kauai)
  • 808-933-8820 (East Hawaii)
  • 808-327-6280 (West Hawaii)

Hawaii Ombudsman

  • 1-877-471-2777
  • 1-800-992-6978
  • 1-800-545-7763, Ext. 20135
  • Elder Abuse Hotline:
  • 1-800-752-6200
  • Ombudsman:
  • 1-800-372-2991
  • KY Patient Abuse Tip Line:
  • 1-877-ABUSE TIP
  • (1-877-228-7384)
  • NH Abuse Dept
  • Elder Abuse KY
  • 1-800-259-4990
  • 225-342-9722

Adults With Disabilities

  • 1-800-898-4910
  • 1-800-383-2441
  • 207-287-9312

Maine Department of Health

  • 1-800-917-7383
  • 1-800-AGE-DIAL, Ext. 1091
  • 410-767-1091

Maryland Elder Abuse Prevention

  • 1-800-462-5540
  • 1-800-AGE-INFO
  • (1-800-243-4636)
  • Massachusetts Elder Abuse Hotline:
  • 1-888-AG-ELDER
  • (1-888-243-5337)
  • TTY: 617-727-0434
  • 1-800-882-6006

Michigan Nursing HomeComplaints

  • 1-800-333-2433
  • TDD/TYY: 1-800-627-3529
  • 1-800-227-7308
  • 1-800-222-8000
  • (601) 359-4991
  • 1-800-392-0210
  • 1-800-551-3191
  • 406-444-4077

Montana Ombudsman

  • 1-800-652-1999
  • 402-595-1324
  • 1-800-992-5757
  •  775-687-4210
  •  775-688-2964
  • Las Vegas area:
  • 702-486-3545
New Hampshire
  • 1-800-442-5640 or
  • 603-271-4375

New Hampshire Ombudsman

New Jersey Report NJ Nursing Home Abuse


  • 609-341-5567
New Mexico
  • 1-800-797-3260
  • 505-841-6100
New York New York Nursing Home
Complaints1-888-201-4563nhintake@health.state.ny.usNY Adult Day Care Complaints
  • 866-893-6772

Report Elder Abuse NYC


NY Assisted Living Complaints


NYC Nursing Home Abuse Reporting

Dial 311 in NYC

Report New York Elder Abuse:

North Carolina
  • 1-800-662-7030
North Dakota
  • Report online here
  • 1-800-342-0533
  • TDD: 614-752-6490
  • Fax: 614-728-9169

Report Ohio Nursing Homes
Ohio Department of Health

  • 1-800-522-3511
  • 1-800-522-2602 or
  • 503-378-6533
  • 1-800-866-406-4287 or
  • 503-945-9495

Report Oregon Elder Abuse

Oregon Ombudsman

Oregon Nursing Home Complaints

  • 1-800-254-5164

Penn. Nursing Home Complaints
Pennsylvania Elder Abuse

Rhode Island
  • 401-785-3340
  • Fax:
  • 401-785-3391
South Carolina
  • 803-898-2850
South Dakota     
  •   605-773-3656


  • 1-888-APS-TENN or
  • 1-888-277-8366
  • 1-800-458-9858
  • 512-834-3784
  • 1-800-564-1612
  • 802-241-2345
  • Fax:802-241-2358

Report Elder Abuse Vermont

Virginia Virginia Nursing Home Complaints

1-888-83-ADULT or

  • 1-888-832-3858
  • Richmond Area:
  • 804-371-0896
  • 1-800-562-6078
West Virginia
  • 1-800-352-6513
  • 1-800-815-0015
  • 608-246-7013

Report WI Nursing Home Abuse
Wisconsin Ombudsman

Wyoming Wyoming Ombudsman

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How do I report nursing home abuse in Florida?

Senior Justice Law Firm‘s mission is to protect vulnerable seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you feel your loved one was wrongfully injured or killed due to neglect in the facility, make sure to report the incident to the proper government agency. If you need assistance doing this, our firm is here to help. Call us today for your free consultation and let us help you on your journey to justice. We can only stop the cycle of elder abuse if we do something about it. Do not remain silent in the face of nursing home neglect.

Speak with nursing home abuse attorneys today.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Ends the Cycle of Suffering

Top rated nursing home abuse attorneysWhy is it necessary to report abuse and neglectful nursing homes? Because we want to be a voice for the voiceless.

The NCEA estimates that most victims of facility-related elder abuse are unable to effectively communicate their complaints. This means they cannot advocate for themselves. It is the obligation of you, the family member, the caretaker, the guardian, to advocate for the vulnerable. If you remain silent, you doom the next wave of helpless patients to suffer the same fate.

By involving the appropriate state agencies, you are doing your part to stem the tide of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse Electronically and Anonymously

With the advent of technology, there really is no valid excuse not to report nursing home abuse and neglect. Nowadays, most state agencies allow for anonymous reporting of elder abuse. This is important if you are currently employed by the offending nursing home facility. Additionally, most elder abuse departments receive reports electronically, either through email or an online portal.

With modern technology, reporting nursing home abuse is quick, anonymous and pain free. Take the next step and report nursing home negligence in your state.

What Happens After I Report a Nursing Home to my State Health Department?

After reporting a negligent nursing home to the state, the appropriate agency should spring into action. This will likely result in an on-site, surprise inspection at the facility. There will also like be a corresponding investigation into your allegations.

Most agencies allow for anonymous reporting, if you do not want to be associated with the report. That being said, the anonymity option is not ideal. The anonymous option is usually reserved for employees. If you are a family member of an injured resident, it is best to use your name and phone number so that the agency can contact you to conduct follow ups on the investigation.

Our Lawyers Can Help You Report Nursing Home Abuse to the State

If you need help finding the right state agency or elder abuse department, our attorneys can help. Call us now for a completely free case consultation: 1-888-375-9998

Updated 3-11-2020.