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Police at a Sober House

Sober homes are a last resort for victims of drug and alcohol addiction, and they are appearing on every street corner here in Palm Beach County. The level of trust we place in Sober Home management is supreme. Sober Homes house our loved ones at their most vulnerable and susceptible times. These facilities serve an important role in society in helping fight addiction, but unfortunately, some Sober Home owners put profits ahead of people and try to exploit their residents’ weaknesses for money.

What is a Sober House?

A Sober House is a group home for individuals who are trying to kick an addiction to drugs or alcohol. As the name implies, all members of the house are trying to get sober. Sobriety is a rule of residency in the house. Most Sober Homes are privately owned individual houses, so they are different from a dedicated drug rehab. Drug rehabs usually involve more intensive therapy with more restrictions on freedom of movement versus a sober home.

Who Pays for a Sober Home / Halfway House Residency?

Rent for a sober home here in South Florida usually goes for about $500 to $1,000 month, per room. This can translate into a nice return for sober home owners. Some drug rehab may be covered by insurance, but oftentimes, the family or the addicted person comes out of pocket to pay the sober home ownership.

Are Sober Homes and Halfway Houses Regulated Under the Law?

Most Florida attorneys would like to see stricter regulation on sober homes. The problem with sober homes here in the Delray Beach and Boynton Beach area has gotten so bad that the State Attorney’s Office has formally opened the first ever Sober Homes Task Force. This official government sober house task force was opened after a scathing Grand Jury Investigation, which found that Florida sober homes were guilty of:

  • Deceptive marketing and advertising
  • Accepting patients through loopholes from unlicensed recovery residences
  • Soliciting residents
  • Brokering patients for profit

How Can a Sober Home be Negligent?

Sober Homes Task Force Badge

As mentioned above, sober homes house vulnerable addicts at their weakest points. The Palm Beach post has run a number of articles on sober homeowners focusing on their profits before patient interests. Sober home management may be negligent in neglecting or abusing their residents, stealing from their residents, sexually exploiting residents, or allowing residents on resident attacks to occur.

Common Sober Home Negligence Injuries

  • Wrongful death
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Fraud and theft
  • Broken bones from physical attacks

Sober Home Lawsuit Information

If you or a someone you care about was injured due to a sober home’s negligence, do not wait to make a claim. Injuries in a sober home are subject to a strict statutes of limitations period and if you delay investigating your case, you may waive your right to bring a claim.

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