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At Senior Justice Law Firm, nursing home abuse and neglect cases are all that we do. Our firm focus is fighting on behalf of wrongfully neglected facility residents and their families. We hold negligent healthcare facilities accountable for bed sores, broken bones and broken promises.

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Frequently Asked Questions of our Alabama Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

What is considered Alabama elder abuse? 

Elder abuse is intentional abuse, along with withholding essential care to a resident or patient in need. This could mean everything from sexual assault to ignoring a resident, resulting in a fall. Elder abuse is a broadly defined term that means much more than physically hitting a nursing home resident.

Why bring a nursing home negligence lawsuit in Alabama?

These cases are about recovering monetary damages, but also deterring the nursing home from letting this happen again. By recovering damages in a nursing home negligence claim, yes, your family will get money. But more importantly, you are telling a for-profit nursing home company, you cannot get away with this. You cannot neglect your residents and allow this to happen again. This message is sent with every nursing home negligence settlement and verdict.

Why did this bed sore develop?

Bed sores are easily preventable. The nurse or aide simply needs to reposition the resident so that their weight shifts and the pressure is relieved. If not, they will develop bed sores, or pressure ulcers. Bed sores and ulcers are sadly our most common injury type.

How are falls prevented in long term care facilities? 

Nursing homes are legally required under Alabama law to care plan for fall-risk residents. This means the nursing home should utilize fall preventative interventions. Some examples include floor mats, bed alarms, side rails, increased supervision, a frequent toileting schedule and quick call bell response time. Resident falls are a frequently litigated nursing home injury in Alabama.

Why should I choose Senior Justice Law Firm to be my Alabama nursing home abuse lawyer?

At Senior Justice Law Firm, elder abuse and nursing home negligence cases are all we do. We are not car accident lawyers. We do not handle premises liability claims. We are singularly focused on nursing home abuse cases. This likely means we have experience against the same company or corporations you will be suing in your nursing home neglect case.

How much do I need to pay to retain your firm?

Nothing. We require no retainer or out of pocket payments; ever. We work on a contingency fee arrangement. This means we only get paid if we make a recovery on your case. If so, Alabama law allows us to take a percentage of the total amount won for you and your family.

Alabama Law Protects Vulnerable Nursing Home Patients from Abuse, Neglect and Injury

420-5-10-.05 codifies Alabama’s nursing home residents’ rights. This protects Alabama’s most frail and vulnerable nursing home residents.

Map of Alabama Nursing Home Abuse and NeglectThese protections include:

  • the right to be treated with dignity, privacy and respect
  • the right to live in a safe, clean, comfortable, and homelike environment, free of nursing home abuse and neglect
  • the right to exercise their rights as citizens of the United States and of the State of Alabama
  • the right to be fully informed in writing of all facility services and charges for those services
  • the right to have their money and property protected
  • the right to manage their financial affairs
  • the right of freedom of choice to make their own decisions
  • the right to privacy and confidentiality of their medical and clinical records
  • the right to an accessible grievance procedure (complaints of nursing home neglect) that is easy to use
  • the right to refuse to perform services for the facility unless they desire to do so and it is documented in the plan of care
  • the right to be free from physical restraints or psychoactive drugs administered for discipline or convenience, or not required to treat their medical symptoms
  • the right to be free of verbal, mental, sexual, or physical nursing home abuse
  • the right to examine the results of the most recent Federal or State survey of the facility
  • the right to be free of interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal from the facility in exercising these rights
  • the right to be informed both orally and in writing of their rights and all the rules and regulations governing their conduct and responsibilities during their stay in the facility

Violation of the Alabama residents rights can result in a nursing home negligence claim.

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