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Reasons You Might Need a Belle Glade Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

  1. Bed sores or pressure ulcers
  2. Falls resulting in broken bones and brain injury
  3. Sexual assault or physical abuse
  4. Unexplained injuries
  5. Wrongful death

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Belle Glade Nursing Home Neglect

When people consider retirement and where that stage of their life may take them, many elect to move to Florida. A land of beaches and beautiful outdoors, the state is a hotspot for older folks who would like to spend their older years in comfort. And with a “small town atmosphere” and only 20,000 people, Belle Glade, sometimes known as “Muck City”, remains one of the most popular choices. Despite the small number of people living in the town, it is home to many more nursing homes than average for its size; as the community struggles to cope with the needs of its older folks, long-term care facilities continue to pop up.

Unfortunately, partly because of this haste to develop and partly because of corporate greed, most nursing homes in and around Belle Glade score poorly on their inspections. In fact, some have been fined so heavily for confirmed abuse and negligence that the federal government has added them to a registry of known abusive facilities. So if you or someone you love is either living in or considering a move to Belle Glade, it is important that you thoroughly vet the facility for proper care and reach out to an expert if things don’t seem right.

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Belle Glade Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Belle Glade & Pahokee: The Nursing Home Situation

What draws so many people to Belle Glade to retire? The answer is a mixture of many features that make the area appealing to almost anyone. The weather, while occasionally plagued by hurricanes, tends to be beautiful and temperate, and the fresh air and clear skies keep people upbeat. Natural landscapes surround the small, cozy town, and Belle Glade simply exudes a sense of home and comfort.

It is also a bustling spot for activities that are both fun and simple for aging bodies. Many retirees spend time on nature walks through Dupuis Nature Center and Jonathan Dickinson State Park, and the swamplands and beautiful but unique trees of Big Cypress National Preserve catch many people’s attention. Those more interested in museums and indoor engagements typically prefer to visit the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, as well as potentially catching a show at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Sweet corn and other delicious vegetables are staples of the Belle Glade area, so culinarians have plenty to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the nursing homes that provide residences for these retirement-aged folks cannot match the appeal of the Belle Glade area. Their care tends to be ranked as Much Below Average, the lowest possible score, and numerous confirmed cases of abuse and neglect have been recorded in the area. Of the 51 nursing homes within 25 miles of Belle Glade, only 15 score above the average rating, and of these, the majority still rank at average or below in specific care-relevant areas like quality and staffing.  Below average rated nursing homes often lead to negligent care resulting in preventable injuries like bed sores, falls, and infection.

If someone you know has been a victim of negligent or abusive behaviors, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of filing a lawsuit. However, it is important to keep in mind that lawsuits are powerful vehicles for change, because they hit for-profit nursing homes hardest by striking directly at their profits. When a nursing home must pay out damages, it is incentivized to fix its practices to avoid further monetary loss. You can make a significant difference in the lives of every resident living at the nursing home by going through with a suit.


There are 51 nursing homes in and around Belle Glade. While some have achieved decent scores overall, even these locations are not immune from scrutiny for the care they provide their residents. Among the facilities located within the Belle Glade area are:
    • ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL 33411
    • 6414 13TH RD S GREEN ACRES, FL 33415

Belle Glade Nursing Home News

One local nursing home was fined almost $60,000 in 2019 because it failed to have any plan in place for performing CPR or addressing a resident who had coded. An investigation in response to these claims revealed that multiple patients had demonstrated severe health indications that later led their heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels to drop; however, staff had no plan in place for responding to these situations. As a result, some residents did not receive the care that they needed. The first instance of confirmed grave danger to residents as a result of this lack of planning saw the facility fined more than $20,000.

The same facility also did not employ a licensed nurse for two of its three staff shifts, leaving the nursing home vulnerable to a medical emergency without a professional to address it. This type of behavior is tragically common in the area, and residents who had medical events during the overnight shifts when the licensed nurse was not present were left until morning or became one of the residents who coded during the investigation regarding CPR guidelines.

Belle Glade Nursing Home Negligent Lawsuit Consultation

If you are considering taking legal action due to the negligent or abusive behaviors you have witnessed at a nursing home in Belle Glade, Pahokee or the nearby area, it is important that you review your options. Senior Justice Law Firm would be glad to discuss what has happened and help you determine which steps you should take next. We focus solely on elder abuse law, so you are in good hands as you seek compensation and justice against the nursing home or long-term care facility.

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