Sexual Predators at Nursing Homes

Sexual predators in nursing homes can assault elderly residents. Senior Justice Law Firm fights for justice for sexual assault victims.

Sexual Predators at Nursing Homes – An Unspoken Problem Nursing home abuse and neglect has become a nationwide issue.  From state governments to Congress, the world is beginning to learn about the horrible truths of abuse and neglect at elder care facilities.  Sadly, there is an all to common problem that is not being spoken…

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Son’s Hidden Camera Catches Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home aides convicted of elder abuse from hidden camera footage

Unexplained Nursing Home Injuries Warranted Further Investigation by Cleveland Family When Esther ‘Mitzi’ Piskor developed Alzheimer’s Disease, her family could not care for her needs at home. Like many other families, the Piskor’s were faced with a tough decision. Upon advice from their family doctor, the Piskor’s placed Mitzi in a nursing home. The family…

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Lawsuits Against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown

If you believe you have a lawsuit against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown it is important to choose a lawyer who is experienced in nursing home litigation.  Let our experienced Pennsylvania team help you with your potential case. Call us for a free consultation at (215) 399-9200 Lawsuits Against ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown: Background Information ManorCare Health Services-Pottstown…

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What Are Florida Nursing Home Staffing Requirements

Understaffing Below Florida Nursing Home Staffing Requirements? Did a loved one suffer abuse or neglect because a facility was understaffed below Florida nursing home staffing requirements?  Appropriate staffing is necessary for a facility to properly care for its residents.  Understaffing can lead to neglect or abuse. If you believe a loved one was injured at…

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