Dementia Patients Struggle at Assisted Living Facilities

Best Assisted Living Memory Care Negligence Lawyers

Should Assisted Living Facilities House Advanced Dementia Patients? Two inescapable facts control this discussion. Americans are living longer, and therefore suffer from unprecedented rates of dementia. Assisted Living Facilities are rapidly expanding their services provided, including developing ‘memory care’ or ‘dementia care’ units. Although these two facts seem complimentary in theory, practically, they are not….

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Hurricane Dorian Nursing Home Injury Claims

Nursing Home Generator Hurricane Dorian Lawsuit

When nursing homes fail to appropriately prepare for Hurricane Dorian, the results are deadly. Failures of nursing homes and assisted living to be prepared for hurricanes and tropical storms cause grave harm to vulnerable residents. A nursing home must have back up generators to preserve power, in order to keep the air conditioning on and…

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Lawsuits Against New Jewish Home

Lawsuits vs. New Jewish Home Nursing Home

Researching Prior Lawsuits Filed Against New Jewish Home in New York City? Our NYC nursing home abuse attorneys can help. We have experience handling all kinds of nursing home negligence cases. Contact us now for a free case consultation: 646-969-5855. Background Info on the New Jewish Home Nursing Home in Manhattan Name: the New Jewish…

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Augusta GA Nursing Home Abuse a ‘Rampant’ Problem

Top Augusta GA Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys

The August Free Press recently reported that nursing home abuse and neglect is rampant throughout the Augusta, GA area. Augusta nursing homes and assisted living facilities commit negligence when they ignore a patient’s needs. When this neglect occurs, terrible injuries occur, like pressure ulcers and falls. Spotting Augusta, GA Nursing Home Neglect Recognizing neglect injuries…

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Forced Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements are Out; Optional Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements are Enforceable

Who Can Sign Mom's Arbitration Agreement with Nursing Home?

New CMS Rule Banning Mandatory Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements In the rollercoaster that is CMS rules on arbitration of nursing home negligence cases, we have a new rule from CMS. Now, mandatory nursing home arbitration agreements are prohibited by CMS. However, the federal agency is still allowing optional arbitration agreements, so long as the arbitration…

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