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Buffalo nursing home abuse and neglect attorneysBuffalo is home to more than 35 nursing homes. Most provide wonderful care, but unfortunately, abuse and neglect occurs with alarming frequency in Buffalo and other parts of Western New York. Sadly, the Buffalo area is home to some of New York’s worst rated skilled nursing facilities.

Brevda Law PLLC offers help to Buffalo families of victims of abuse and neglect at long term care facilities. Our Buffalo nursing home abuse lawyers will help you take immediate action if you suspect a loved one was abused or neglected. Brevda Law PLLC focuses our practice on seeking justice for families of residents injured or abused at nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term care facilities.

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Why is There So Much Abuse and Neglect at Buffalo Nursing Homes?

Brevda Law, PLLC is your Buffalo nursing home abuse lawyer. We focus our practice on fighting buffalo nursing home abuse and neglectClients ask us this question frequently – why does it seem so many Buffalo long-term care facilities are cited for abusing and neglecting elderly residents? This is a question that requires a complex answer. First, it is evident from the multiple 1-Star facilities in Buffalo, that many Erie County facilities are poorly run. More and more, these facilities are for-profit entities and focus on profits over providing appropriate care. This is not to say that allegedly non-profit facilities are run without similar problems. In fact, some Buffalo non-profit nursing homes are controlled by individuals who siphon out profits through related party transactions.

Buffalo nursing home operators frequently make strategic decisions to increase profits which also put residents at risk for abuse and neglect.

We commonly find that facilities:

  • reduce staff levels to save on their biggest expense (labor)
  • hire inexperienced workers for cheaper costs
  • hire part-time temp labor instead of full time direct caregivers
  • fail to train their staff on the appropriate standard of care and policies and procedures
  • fail to report neglect and abuse
  • fail to make organizational changes in response to repeated abuse and neglect

Focusing on profit generation instead of care-giving leads to preventable injuries, neglect and sometimes even death. Sadly, the neglected residents themselves may be physically unable to communicate their suffering. We cannot allow them to suffer without a voice. In order to seek justice for these vulnerable adults, it is important to report any signs of abuse or neglect.

What Does Buffalo Nursing Home Abuse Look Like?

Buffalo Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer David Brevda also sues assisted living facilities for abuse and neglect.

Our clients frequently call us with a general sense that a facility is failing their loved one, but do not know exactly what to look for. At the extreme, abuse and neglect can be immediately obvious when it causes death in a resident. Some abuse and neglect, though, can be less conspicuous. It is important to look out for any of the following signs:

  1. Constant falls, tripping or slipping – Buffalo nursing homes are required to assess the fall risk of each resident upon admission. Additionally, they are supposed to update this fall risk measurement with changes in condition over time. Residents may need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as ambulation (walking), toileting, transfers and other ADLs. If a Buffalo nursing home is understaffed, often times residents will be improperly assisted leading to preventable falls. These falls can also be coverups of facility staff dropping residents.
  2. Bedsores – Buffalo nursing homes are required to complete skin assessments on admission. Care plans are required to address any risk for skin breakdown or the development of pressure ulcers. If a resident has developed a bedsore at a Buffalo nursing home, that is cause for concern, as these sores can become infected and lead to significant pain and suffering or even death.
  3. Rapid weight loss or weight gain – if a resident is losing a significant amount of weight or gaining weight over a short period of time, family members should be concerned. This can be from inappropriate feeding leading to malnutrition and dehydration or from excess retention. These ailments can lead to serious injuries or event death.
  4. Behavioral change – if a family member becomes very quiet, scared or uneasy, it is possibly due to verbal or physical abuse by staff. Increased dementia or mood swings can be signs of infections such as a UTI.
  5. Diagnosis of STDs or STIs – it may sound shocking but sexual abuse and rape occur in nursing homes at a shocking rate. Many Buffalo nursing homes fail to properly run background checks on employees, especially part time workers. If you notice a new diagnosis of an STD in a loved one, this should raise a huge red flag that something is going wrong at the facility.
  6. Medication mistakes – even minor medication mistakes can show that a facility is disorganized and understaffed. Cases where improper medicine is given to a resident have shown that medication mistakes can lead to severe injury or death.
  7. Unexplained fractures or bruising – residents are often elderly and vulnerable and may have limited ability to discuss abuse and neglect due to dementia or other ailments. That is why it is incredibly important to look out for unexplained injuries such as fractures or bruising.

Your Buffalo Nursing Home Attorney can help you with cases where a family member has suffered:

Why Should I Bring a Lawsuit? Aren’t there Agencies that Investigate Buffalo Nursing Home Abuse?

New York nursing home litigators Michael Brevda and David Brevda

Buffalo nursing home abuse and neglect is occurring far too frequently, and there are only a few ways to change that.

  1. Voting for better government officials. Whether you are voting for your local Buffalo representative or Erie county official, state of New York Congressman or Governor, or even federal elections, lawmakers directly affect care given to nursing home residents in Buffalo and across Western New York State. For example, lawmakers could increase minimum staffing levels, which would help reduce a significant amount of preventable injuries. Regrettably, nursing home and assisted living facility owners frequently spend a significant amount of money on lobbying to stop such laws from being written.
  2. Reporting incidents to the government. In the state of New York, you can report nursing home abuse or neglect to the Department of Health. Sadly, these government workers are overworked, and sometimes facilities get tipped off to their presence, meaning they can hide their violations in advance. Additionally, government agencies cannot provide any compensation to injured victims or their families, meaning extra medical bills, treatment and pain and suffering go unaddressed by the Government.
  3. Bringing civil action for injuries. By bringing a lawsuit with your Buffalo nursing home abuse attorney, you can receive compensation from the facility and its owners for medical bills and pain and suffering related to their negligence. While one lawsuit will not change the whole industry, if every single injured resident was able to bring suit, these facilities would begin to staff and train accordingly to prevent nursing home injuries.

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What Nursing Homes are in the Buffalo Area?

In Erie County, New York, there are currently 39 nursing homes:

Facility NameAddressCountyCity
Brookdale Kenmore2971 Delaware AvenueErieKenmore
Dosberg Manor2680 North Forest RoadErieAmherst
The Amberleigh2330-40 Maple RoadErieAmherst
Elderwood Assisted Living at Hamburg76 Buffalo StreetErieHamburg
Canterbury Woods725 Renaissance DriveErieWilliamsville
Blocher Homes135 Evans StreetErieWilliamsville
Juniper Glen Alzheimer’s Special Care Center8820 Transit RoadErieEast Amherst
Greenfield Court5951 BroadwayErieLancaster
Brookdale Williamsville6076 Main StreetErieWilliamsville
Elderwood Village at St. Gregory Court111 Saint Gregory CourtErieWilliamsville
Glenwell2248 Old Union RoadErieCheektowaga
Oakwood Senior Living3456 Delaware AvenueErieKenmore
Ken-Ton Presbyterian Village EHP3735 Delaware AvenueErieKenmore
GreenField Terrace5979 Broadway StreetErieLancaster
Orchard Heights5200 Chestnut Ridge RoadErieOrchard Park
Garden House2720 North Forest RoadErieGetzville
Park Creek Senior Living Community410 Mill StreetErieAmherst
Brompton Heights275 Brompton RoadErieWilliamsville
Mary Agnes Manor ALP307 Porter AvenueErieBuffalo
Brothers of Mercy Sacred Heart Home4520 Ransom Road, P.O. Box 117ErieClarence
Eden Heights of West Seneca3030 Clinton StreetErieWest Seneca
Peregrine’s Landing Senior Community575 Cayuga Creek RoadErieCheektowaga
Eden Heights4071 Hardt RoadErieEden
Canterbury Woods Gates Circle1 Gates CircleErieBuffalo
Tennyson Court49 Tennyson CourtErieWilliamsville
Bristol Village, Inc.8455 Clarence Center RoadErieClarence Center
Bristol Home1500 Main StreetErieBuffalo
Heathwood Assisted Living at Williamsville815 Hopkins RoadErieWilliamsville
Absolut at Orchard Brooke, LLC6060 Armor RoadErieOrchard Park
Elderwood Assisted Living at Tonawanda111 Ensminger RoadErieTonawanda
The Courtyards LLC5285 South Park AvenueErieHamburg
Elderwood Village at Bassett Park245 Bassett RoadErieWilliamsville
Symphony Manor at Lancaster5539 BroadwayErieLancaster
Elderwood Assisted Living at Cheektowaga229 Bennett RoadErieCheektowaga
Peregrine’s Landing at Orchard Park101 Sterling DriveErieOrchard Park
Elderwood Assisted Living at West Seneca580 Orchard Park RoadErieWest Seneca
Fox Run at Orchard ParkOne Fox Run LaneErieOrchard Park
The Meadows2650 North Forest RoadErieGetzville
Elderwood Village at Williamsville5271 Main StreetErieWilliamsville

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