Citations and Deficiencies at The Quadrangle by Sunrise Senior Living

Quadrangle Sunrise Senior Living Lawsuit

Background Info on Quadrangle by Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living remains a large proprietor of nursing homes, with the Quadrangle in Haverford, Pennsylvania standing out as one of its older entries built in 1986. Boasting resident-run communities and an intellectual environment fostered by its history of being founded by Quaker professors, The Quadrangle is home to a number of individuals who need assistance with their care in their later years. A continuing care retirement community, The Quadrangle is home to 78 certified beds and operates with a resident council. It does not participate in Medicaid, accepting only Medicare at this time—which makes it a more exclusive venue than some of Sunrise Senior Living’s other options. However, like many nursing homes in America, The Quadrangle can sometimes struggle to provide an adequate level of care to its residents on a consistent basis thus why they received 3 out of 5 stars for health inspection ratings. This facility has also been subject to fines, deficiencies and health citations in recent years.

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The Quadrangle in Recent Years

The Quadrangle in Haverford has seen its fair share of nursing home citations and deficiencies, with 20 citations claimed as of 2021. Ownership of the facility has changed hands within the last 12 months, and The Quadrangle is currently doing business as SH-Opco the Quadrangle LLC. While staffing ratings tend to rank above average at this facility, the facility still remains below the national average in terms of total LPN hours provided per resident per day. Residents staying for an extended period of time received lower quality care than those who visited only for a short-term stay, with 8.6% of high-risk patients presenting with pressure ulcers. The rate of long-term catheter usage in the facility is higher than average at 4.2%, and only 56.5% of residents who needed a vaccine to prevent pneumonia received it—significantly less than the 93.8% national average.

The Quadrangle, as well as its parent companies Sunrise Senior Living, Inc. and Sunrise Continuing Care, LLC, were implicated in a lawsuit regarding potential physical abuse of a resident. 78-year-old Louis McCallister allegedly experienced routine physical abuse at the hands of three separate staff members, the case claims, at time forcing McCallister to walk around topless. The Quadrangle’s license to operate was revoked as a result of the case, though it was later reinstated.

Common Health Inspection Issues

All nursing homes are required to submit to periodic health inspections, typically unannounced. When it comes to the results from The Quadrangle, the most recent report originates in June of 2019 and discovered that the facility did not adequately implement restorative health services that were intended to help residents maintain their physical strength and balance and pretend dangers such as falls. Multiple residents who had a PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) were not monitored appropriately, including failure to measure the external length of the PICC line to ensure that it was not coming out. The facility also failed to change the dressing protecting the PICC line in one of the residents. One resident was not adequately informed of and referred to hospice services. Some issues in this inspection were repeat citations from both 2018 and 2017.

The 2018 health inspection revealed similar issues, including that staff failed to respond to 9 out of 18 assessed call bells in a timely manner, with some residents reporting a wait time in excess of one hour. In five of 18 residents, allegations of neglect and/or misappropriation were not reported to the proper authorities as required.

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