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Signs of Abuse, Neglect and Malpractice in a Clearwater Nursing Home

  1. Bed sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers
  2. Unexplained injuries, like fractures, broken bones, black eyes and bruising
  3. Repeated falls resulting in injury
  4. Sexual trauma or inappropriate touching, from either staff or other residents
  5. Financial exploitation
  6. Massive weight loss and the lack of assistance with eating
  7. Infections and sepsis, leading to death

Clearwater, Florida Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse LawyersFamous for its gorgeous beaches, Clearwater is located northeast of Tampa. The city has a population of approximately 116,478 with 21.9% aged 65 or older. The warm climate and stunning views have made Clearwater a popular retirement retreat, and nursing homes have been built to meet the demand.

Because of this attractive climate, Pinellas County has a rapidly growing senior population. This means nursing homes and assisted living facilities are popping up rapidly. Most provide good care to residents, but sadly, a few continue to round out the lowest rated nursing homes in the Clearwater area.

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Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect News

Unfortunately, nursing home facilities in Clearwater do not have a good track record of providing quality care. In fact, in 2019 and 2020, Clearwater nursing homes were in the news for all of the wrong reasons: financial abuse facilitated by a nursing home, sexual abuse by first, a Certified Nursing Assistant, then a fellow resident, at the same assisted living facility.

In 2019, Certified Nursing Assistant Falo Kane was charged with sexually assaulting several female patients under his care at Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center. According to the Department of Children and Families’ Adult Protective Services program, the agency conducted investigations at the Advanced Care Center, Sabal Palms Health Care Center, Glen Oaks Health Care, Clearwater Center Nursing Home, and Comprehensive Healthcare of Clearwater. The investigations at these listed facilities were found to be “not substantiated” or there was no credible evidence to support allegations made in the relevant reports. Although allegations against Kane dated back to 2016, he was able to continue to find employment as his record did not show any arrests or convictions. His license was finally revoked in December 2019, but not for the most recent charges of sexual assault, but from an arrest dating back approximately a year and a half prior.

On December 12, 2019, at the same assisted living facility where Kane last worked, a 68-year old resident sexually assaulted another resident at the Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center, forcing her to perform oral sex on him. A CNA collecting trays in the area saw the male resident in the female resident’s room and yelled at him to leave.

In October 2019, another CNA at a Clearwater assisted living facility was discovered unconscious in a chair while on his shift. He was so heavily inebriated that he fell asleep while preparing food which burned and caught on fire, causing a resident to call 911. During that shift, the CNA had also discovered a resident who had fallen, but had only propped her up to a sitting position before leaving her on the floor to go prepare food. The CNA is facing felony charges for abuse or neglect of an aged person.

More recently, the Miami Herald reported on February 18, 2020 that at Clearwater Central nursing home, registered nurse Brett Edwards was found to be acting oddly; coworkers found him moving very slowly and not treating his patients. He would have difficulty logging into the medication cabinet, was found asleep on the medication cart, and when patients asked for their pain medication, he responded that they “can wait.” Edwards resigned from his position rather than take a drug test. Blood, urine, and hair samples later showed that Edwards had alcohol, methamphetamine, amphetamine, pain medications Ultram, morphine, oxycodone, noroxycodone, oxymorphone, and hydrocodone in regular and large levels in his system.

To make matters worse, the Florida legislature is considering passing a bill that would reduce the number of inspections of nursing homes. Under Florida Senate Bill 1726 and House Bill 731, unannounced inspections of nursing homes – which ensure that nursing homes are complying with state and federal regulations – would be reduced from occurring once every 15 months to occurring at “periodic” intervals. Current legislation requires that facilities that have been cited for Class I deficiencies (the most serious type), or two Class II deficiencies in a 60-day period be inspected every 6 months for the next 2 years, and be fined $6,000 to cover the cost of those inspections. The new legislation would reduce the number of these follow-up inspections to one, and reduce the fine to $3,000.

Finally, in nearby Pinellas Park, professional guardian Traci Hudson was arrested for stealing approximately $500,000 from a 93-year old man who had granted her power of attorney. The power of attorney was facilitated by his nursing home, Grand Villa at Pinellas Park, who called Hudson to manage the resident’s affairs. The man never met Hudson in person. Investigators allege that Hudson spent the resident’s money on personal expenses; she has denied these allegations. According to Hudson’s attorney, the nursing home determined that the resident was not able to make decisions and needed a caretaker. However, strangely, no one suggested that the resident should be appointed a guardian instead of signing away his power of attorney to a stranger.

Conclusion – Clearwater’s Senior Citizens Need Protection

Despite its large senior population, Clearwater nursing homes appear to be poorly supervised and easy targets for financial, sexual, and physical abuse. Not only are employee exploiting or endangering residents, but facilities have also failed to protect residents from other abusive residents. Impending legislation that would reduce inspections of Florida nursing homes also increases the risk that nursing home residents will experience neglect or abuse.

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