DOJ Sues Cheltenham Nursing & Rehab, Sanctuary at Wilmington Place & Samaritan Care Center

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Lawsuit Filed Against Cheltenham Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, The Sanctuary at Wilmington Place, and Samaritan Care Center and Villa

Two days ago, the United States Department of Justice filed a public complaint against three American Health Foundation nursing homes; Cheltenham Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, The Sanctuary at Wilmington Place, and Samaritan Care Center and Villa. The Department of Justice alleges that these nursing homes “provided grossly substandard services that failed to meet required standards of care in various ways . . . providing grossly substandard skilled nursing services between 2016 and 2018.” The lawsuit against the three AHF nursing homes was filed under the False Claims Act.

Our nursing home abuse attorneys explain the significance of the lawsuit against Cheltenham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the lawsuit against The Sanctuary at Wilmington Place, and the lawsuit against Samaritan Care Center and Villa.

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Cheltenham Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Lawsuit for Neglect

Lawsuit vs. Cheltenham Nursing and Rehab for Poor CareCheltenham Nursing and Rehab is a large, 255 bed facility located at 600 W Cheltenham Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19126. As of this post, Medicare’s nursing home compare website rates Cheltenham Nursing and Rehab as a “much below average” nursing home. Specifically, Medicare rates Cheltenham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as a 1 star facility overall, with 1 star for health inspections, 1 star for staffing levels, and 2 stars for quality measures. The 5 star rating system utilized by Medicare ranks nursing homes from 1 star (the lowest rating) to 5 star (the highest rating).

In its lawsuit against Cheltenham Rehab, the Department of Justice alleges that Cheltenham Rehab failed to appropriately staff the Philadelphia nursing home. The government also alleges that Cheltenham Rehab was dirty and infested with pests. Allegations against Cheltenham nursing home also include giving residents unnecessary medication (including hypnotic drugs), failing to keep resident’s belongings safe, verbally abusing residents, neglecting residents, and failing to provide psychiatric care.

Our Philadelphia nursing home abuse attorneys have experience handling cases against Cheltenham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

The Sanctuary at Wilmington Place Lawsuit for Poor Resident Care

Red Hand Alert on Sanctuary at Wilmington Nursing HomeThe Sanctuary at Wilmington Place is a large nursing home located at 264 Wilmington Avenue Dayton, OH 45420. As of the date of this post, Sanctuary at Wilmington was a 1 star overall facility as per Medicare. Sanctuary at Wilmington Place has a Red Hand logo next to it on Medicare’s site, indicating “This nursing home has been cited for abuse.”

Sanctuary at Wilmington Place Poor RatingSimilar to the allegations levied against Cheltenham Rehab, the US Department of Justice “. . .similarly alleged that Wilmington Place . . . failed to create and maintain important medical records, and that Wilmington Place repeatedly gave its residents unnecessary medications, including antibiotic, antipsychotic, anti-anxiety and hypnotic drugs, while also failing to ensure that its residents had the prescriptions they actually needed.”

Samaritan Care Center and Villa Lawsuit for Improper Resident Care

Samaritan Care Center Nursing Home Abuse LawsuitUnlike the two aforementioned nursing homes, Samaritan Care Center currently enjoys a 4 star overall rating from Medicare. Samaritan Care received a 3 star rating on health inspections (average), a 4 star rating on staffing (above average), but a 2 star rating on quality measures (below average). Located at 806 E Washington Street in Medina, Ohio, Samaritan Care Center and Villa is owned by Ahf Ohio Inc. and listed as a non profit corporation.

Similar to the cases against Cheltenham Rehab and the case against Wilmington Place, the DOJ sued Samaritan Care Center and Villa alleging:

  • failure to properly medicate residents
  • failure to create and maintain medical records relating to resident care
  • giving unnecessary medications, including anti-psychotic and hypnotic drugs


Poor care is pervasive throughout the United States’ nursing home system. However, it is rare that the federal government files a False Claims Act Complaint regarding the allegations. The full 6/15/22 press release from the DOJ can be found here.

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