Drug Rehab Center Sexual Assault Results in $750,000 Settlement

Suing a rehab center for rape of a vulnerable patient

Sexual Abuse and Rape in Rehab Center Resident Results in Severe Emotional Distress

Background on Melissa A*

Melissa A suffered from addiction. She was routinely entered hospitals and requested codeine for pain management. Some doctors believed Melissa A was drug-seeking, and labeled her as such in her medical records. The A family hated to see their daughter in this state. It was decided after an intervention that Melissa required rehabilitation to get better.

Melissa’s Admission to Rehab in a Vulnerable State

Melissa A’s family expressed concern for her uncontrollable habit and sought treatment for her. The A family placed Melissa at Rehabilitation Center. Melissa A stayed admitted to Rehabilitation Center for over two months before it was time for her discharge.

During her residency, the A Family was advised not to visit Melissa in an attempt to allow her to reset and heal. Contact was kept to a minimum. However, the A Family trusted the process and abided by these orders.

The Aftermath – Rehab Center Rape

After her rehabilitation residency completed, the A Family arrived to pick up Melissa. They were horrified to find the condition she was in. Melissa A had severe bruising, a mix of blue and yellow from her chest down to her legs. Melissa A had cuts and skin tears patterned through her bruises and bones protruding from malnourishment. Melissa A told her family that she had been beaten and raped by a staff member at Rehabilitation Center.

Melissa A’s family quickly drove her to the hospital, where staff performed a rape kit and contacted police to document the sexual assault. The Hospital treated Melissa A’s significant weight loss, severe dehydration, as well as a herpes on her genital area from her assailant. Along with the police investigation, the hospital also reported the Rehabilitation Center to the Department of Children and Families for a vulnerable adult investigation.

Post Rehabilitation Center Rape Psychological Treatment

Melissa A. now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder as well as selective mutism. Even with regular psychiatry visits, Melissa A continues to struggle with her mental health. She has a long road to recovery, but she no longer uses pain medicine to cope with her depression.

Punishment for the Rehab Center Employee

Melissa A was lucid and her clarity of mind allowed her to alert her family of the physical and sexual abuse she endured. The authorities were able to investigate the crime. Her rapist was arrested and pleaded to lesser crimes.

Reporting Rape and Sexual Abuse in Rehab Centers is Critical

Because Melissa stood up to her rapist, he will never have access to vulnerable patients again. These crimes may be unreported by victims in certain facilities, especially those offering services for residents requiring memory care – those with dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Rape in drug rehab centers and nursing home sexual abuse should always be reported.

Reporting incidents to the police or to the Department of Children and Families allows for the responsible party to be held accountable for their heinous actions. Some fear that by reporting incidents, they are making their loved one a target for continuing abuse. These facilities are meant to be a safe space for your loved one to recover, not a place of fear and mistreatment – no matter your background or history.

Settlement with Rehab Center for Allowing its Employee to Rape a Vulnerable Resident

After the criminal case concluded, Senior Justice Law Firm was retained to hold Rehab Center responsible in civil court. This drug rehab rape lawsuit began with our firm subpoenaing the rapist’s background checks, screening documents, and employment file. It turned out that, even though the rapist had no prior similar incidents, he was described as ‘creepy’ and inappropriate to be around vulnerable drug rehab patients. Our drug rehab sexual abuse attorneys also overcame the defense that the sex was consensual.

Ultimately, at the request of Melissa, we settled this case for $750,000. Melissa A now has a solid foundation to rebuild her life, get healthy, and put this awful event past her.

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*The names of persons and facilities involved have been changed.

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