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The elder abuse attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm fight for justice on behalf of elder abuse victims. We represent vulnerable senior citizens who have been neglected by their caretakers and injured. If your family member was seriously injured or suffered a wrongful death, call Senior Justice Law Firm today for a free consultation: 1-888-375-9998.

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Our elder abuse attorneys require no up front fees or costs. We only get paid if you make a recovery on your case. Call or chat with us now to learn more about how Senior Justice Law Firm can help your family achieve justice after a catastrophe occurs due to neglect.

How We Can Help with an Elder Abuse Lawsuit

Suing a nursing home in an elder abuse lawsuitOur lawyers only handle serious injury or wrongful death cases. We do not handle financial losses or exploitation of an elderly person’s finances.

This narrow focus on elder abuse injury and death cases allows our attorneys to do one thing. And we do it really well. We take great pride in the national reputation our law firm enjoys relating to elder abuse and neglect lawsuits.

If you need a qualified and experienced elder abuse attorney to investigate an elder abuse lawsuit, speak with one of the lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm.

Examples of Injuries Where an Elder Abuse Lawsuit May Be Justified

  1. Wrongful death
  2. Amputation
  3. Mis-administration of medication or withholding pills
  4. Allowing an elderly patient to fall and hurt themselves
  5. Allowing a senior citizen to develop bed sores or pressure wounds
  6. Failing to timely act when an elderly patient is in distress and in need of medical attention
  7. Widespread infection, resulting in sepsis
  8. Dropping a patient while moving them
  9. Physically attacking or sexually assaulting a vulnerable adult

Common Defendants Sued by our Elder Abuse Law Firm

  1. Nursing homes
  2. Assisted living facilities
  3. Rehabilitation centers
  4. Memory care facilities
  5. Retirement homes and ‘old folks homes’
  6. Hospitals
  7. Home health aides and private caregivers

The overwhelming majority of our cases involve elder abuse lawsuits against medical facilities, not individuals.

10 Things You Should Know Before Seeking Out an Elder Abuse Attorney

  1. Your elder abuse case will be subject to different statutes, depending on what state the injury occurred in and whether the negligent facility was a nursing home, ALF or hospital.
  2. Elder abuse lawsuits are typically brought by the victim’s family, not the individual themselves.
  3. Photographs, voice mails and text messages are incredibly important in elder abuse cases, so if you have some, keep them!
  4. The two most common elder abuse injuries resulting in lawsuits are falls and pressure sores.
  5. The lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm have recovered more than $25 million for victims of elder abuse.
  6. Most elder abuse cases settle without a trial.
  7. Civil claims for elder abuse, like the ones our firm brings, seek monetary damages. However, we can help you report the abuse or neglect to the appropriate government agency.
  8. Expert witnesses are routinely hired by our firm in order to maximize your case and expose the facility’s wrongdoing.
  9. Hire the right lawyer for your elder abuse lawsuit. Find an attorney who focuses on these kinds of cases.
  10. By bringing a claim for elder abuse, you can make your voice heard, get answers as to what happened to your loved one, and stop the cycle of elder abuse.

Frequently Asked Elder Abuse Attorney Questions

What is the Difference Between Elder Abuse and Elder Neglect?

These two terms are largely the same. Many experts in the field consider neglecting an elderly person’s needs to be a form of elder abuse, so these phrases are synonymous.

What Damages are Claimed in an Elder Abuse Lawsuit?

Typically, the Plaintiff will ask for pain and suffering, medical bills, future care needs (if applicable) and out of pocket expenses. A Plaintiff’s damages can vary widely, meaning some elder abuse cases are valued in the $50,000 neighborhood while others are valued well past $1,000,000.

How Expensive is it to hire an Elder Abuse Lawyer?

Our elder abuse attorneys work only on contingency fee. Commonly known as ‘no win, no fee’, our law firm only gets paid if you make a financial recovery on your case. You are never required to pay any out of pocket money for an attorney retainer.

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