Fall and Brain Bleed at Rehab Center Results in $350,000 Settlement

Settlement Value of a Nursing Home Wrongful Death Suit

Case Facts Leading Up to the Residency

Adam S, 84-year-old man, suffered a fall while in his home. Adam’s spouse was present during the fall, and immediately contacted Emergency Medical Services. Paramedics rushed Adam S to Hospital Emergency Room where he was evaluated for any fractures or head injuries. Adam S was cleared of severe injuries, having minor bruising on his body from the impact with the tile floor. The Emergency Room physician recommended Adam S go to Rehabilitation Center to build strength. He was only supposed to be in rehab for six weeks before returning home to live independently.

Adam’s Admission to the Rehabilitation Center

The S family was allowed to visit Adam S during his time in Rehabilitation Center. The S family was concerned with the staffing ratio, 1 nurse per 40 residents. The low staffing ratio did not allow proper supervision over the patients at Rehabilitation Center. Within a week of being admitted to Rehabilitation Center, Adam S suffered an unwitnessed fall. Adam S had his call light on – requesting assistance from nursing staff – for over an hour. In an attempt to maintain his dignity, Mr. S attempted to get up and get to the bathroom himself, so he did not have an accident in his pants.

Adam S attempted to lift himself out of his wheelchair and fell to the ground. Nursing staff did not find Adam S for another 45 minutes after his fall. 911 was called and Adam S was rushed to the hospital. Emergency Room physician diagnosed Adam S with a broken hip and a subdural hematoma.

Adam S was rushed into trauma surgery for emergency treatment. However, the surgery was too much for him and Adam S sadly passed the following day.

The Aftermath Following Adam’s Nursing Home Fall

The S family was heartbroken after losing their loved one in such a short period of time. What was supposed to be a short term rehabilitation residency turned into a death sentence.

Adam S was not near death when he entered Rehabilitation Center. Subdural Hematoma – often referred to as “brain bleed” is a severe head injury that causes blood to pool under the skull and cause high pressure on the brain. Treatment for brain bleeds involves surgical procedure where doctors drill holes through the skull of the injured person to relieve the pressure. If pressure is not relieved soon after the injury, brain bleeds are often fatal.

The Lawsuit Against Rehabilitation Center, Culminating in a $350,000 Settlement

Rehab Center failed to provide proper supervision and care for Adam S, which expedited Adam S’ passing. Adam’s cause of death was listed as subdural hematoma associated with fall. The manner of death was ‘Accidental’. Adam’s spouse was heartbroken and sought legal counsel for Adam’s case.

The S family engaged the nursing home fall attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm. Our legal team actively pursued the wrongful death claim against Rehabilitation Center.

This case settled for $350,000. Names and dates have been changed out of respect for the deceased.

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