Rio Rancho Center Lawsuits and Allegations of Nursing Home Neglect

Lawsuits against Rio Rancho Center a New Mexico nursing home

Background Information on Rio Rancho Center

Rio Rancho Center, which is legally known as Peak Medical New Mexico No. 3, LLC, is a for-profit nursing home owned by Genesis Healthcare with 120 certified beds. The facility is located at 4210 Sabana Grande SE in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Rio Rancho Center accepts both Medicaid and Medicare, as well as other insurances. At the time of this post, Medicare has given the nursing home an overall rating of one out of five stars for deficiencies in health inspections, quality care measures, and staffing levels.

In the last three years, Rio Rancho Center has received four federal fines and two payment denials by Medicare. These penalties were given to the nursing home due to the facility receiving serious health and safety citations.

Deficiencies at Rio Rancho Center for Resident Care Violations

October 14, 2021, Inspection at Rio Rancho Center

Based on record review and interview, it was determined that the facility failed to provide basic life support (CPR) to residents, as well as timely report suspected abuse or neglect to the proper authorities. Record review revealed that three residents had suffered recent choking incidents in the facility. Two out of three of these incidents had not been reported to the state agency at the time of this inspection.

  • Resident #281 was found in the dining room face down and unresponsive. Her face was blue. CNAs (certified nursing assistants) transported Resident #281 back to her room before beginning CPR. Resident #281 was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. Resident #281’s choking incident was not reported to the state agency.
  • Resident #283 was found unresponsive in his room following the lunch meal service. Upon finding Resident #283 unresponsive, the nurse went to the nurses’ station to look up the resident’s code status. When the nurse returned to the resident’s room, CPR was started. Resident #283 was not able to be revived and pronounced dead.
  • Resident #282 was found to be choking in bed while being fed by CNAs. Vital signs showed that the resident’s oxygen saturation was at 31%. The CNAs located a small mass of food in the resident’s mouth and removed it. Resident #282’s choking incident was not reported to the state agency.

September 11, 2020, Inspection at Rio Rancho Center

This inspection revealed that the facility failed to notify a resident’s Ombudsman of the resident’s emergency transfer to the hospital. The resident was taken to the hospital after a nurse noticed blood and blood clots in her catheter. When surveyors asked the Co-Social Services Director of Rio Rancho Center why the resident’s Ombudsman was not notified of the transfer/discharge, she stated that they did not notify the Ombudsman because the resident may have come back to the facility.

August 13, 2020, Inspection at Rio Rancho Center

It was determined during this inspection that Rio Rancho Center failed to ensure that they had sufficient staff to meet the needs of every resident. This deficient practice was highlighted by instances of failing to answer call lights in a timely manner and failing to provide residents with frequent showers.

Lawsuits against Rio Rancho Center for Nursing Home Negligence

At the time of this post, there are no pending lawsuits against Rio Rancho Center for nursing home abuse or neglect.

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