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Las Vegas Nursing Home Abuse: A Growing Problem

According to the U.S. Census, 12% of the population of Nevada are seniors. Due to the baby boomer generation growing older, the senior population in Nevada is projected to rise by 89% over the next 15 years; going from 421,719 to 797,179. While not all seniors enter nursing homes, many do.

Sadly, Nevada’s long term care system is much below average. Nevada ranks 40th against other U.S. states for long-term care. This unfortunately means that Nevada nursing home residents are at a higher risk of nursing home abuse and neglect when compared to other Americans.

For this reason, if your loved one lives in a Las Vegas nursing home or assisted living facility, you must remain vigilant in looking for evidence of abuse or neglect.

What is Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Red Flags of Nursing Home Abuse Injuries

Nursing home abuse and neglect can present itself in a plethora of ways. It may be difficult to spot if your loved one is being abused or neglected within a care facility. Oftentimes, family members are not told the truth about what is going on. Facility staff may lie about what happened or conceal the event entirely.

Even though we place our loved one in a nursing home to be cared for and looked after, tragically, sometimes they end up being harmed. We place our trust in medical professionals to care for us. Sometimes, our trust is taken for granted.

Signs of abuse and neglect in nursing homes can be hard for many people to see. Here are some examples of abuse and neglect that can occur:

Nursing home abuse and neglect is unacceptable. In the most severe cases, it can even lead to death.

If your family member suffered any of the above indicators of neglect, contact our Las Vegas nursing home abuse attorney today: 888-375-9998

Who Owns Las Vegas Nursing Homes?

Nursing Home Owners Hide Their Money Through Corporate Shell GamesUnderstanding the true owners of a nursing home is critical when pursuing a Las Vegas nursing home negligence case. Nursing home corporations often use shell companies to conceal the real owners of the facilities. Through a series of related company transactions, for-profit facilities use a corporate shell game to hide their money.

Below are some ownership entities of Las Vegas’ larger skilled nursing facilities:

Horizon Health and Rehabilitation Center: Thi of Nevada II, Inc.

Saint Joseph Transitional Rehabilitation Center: Summit Care, LLC. and Genesis Holdings, LLC.

Las Vegas Post Acute & Rehabilitation: Thomas Chambers and David Johnson

Premier Health & Rehabilitation Center of LV, LP: Premier Health and Rehabilitation Center of Las Vegas GP, LLC.

College Park Rehabilitation Center: Thi of Nevada, LLC.

North Las Vegas Care Center: Thi of Nevada II, Inc.

Advanced Health Care of Paradise: New AHC Holdings, LLC.

Harmon Hospital – SNF: Thi of Nevada, LLC.

Life Care Center of South Las Vegas: Life Care Centers of America, Inc., and Forrest Preston

Life Care Center of Las Vegas: Life Care Centers of America, Inc., and Forrest Preston

Silver Ridge Healthcare Center: Covenant Care California, LLC.

Torrey Pines Post Acute and Rehabilitation: Thomas Chambers, David Johnson, and Torrey Pines Rehabilitation Hospital, LLC.

Marquis Plaza Regency Post Acute Rehab: Marquis Companies I, Inc.

El Jen Skilled Care: El Jen SNF Operations Holdings, LLC.

Advanced Health Care of Summerlin: New AHC Holdings, LLC.

Silver Hills Health Care Center: Covenant Care California, LLC.

Sandstone Spring Valley: ATIED Associates, LLC., Nicho Family Trust, Sunny Trust, David A. Berkowitz, and Yosef Meystel

Advanced Health Care of Las Vegas: New AHC Holdings, LLC.

Royal Springs Healthcare and Rehab: Il Lee and Joan Lee

TLC Care Center: LJ Medical Properties, LLC., Varadero Trading Co., and Dunn Family 1990 Trust

How Can I Report Nursing Home Abuse in Las Vegas?

To file a complaint against a nursing home or rehabilitation facility in Nevada, you need to contact the Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH). To report Las Vegas nursing home abuse, you can either file your complaint online here, or call DPBH’s office at (702) 668-3250.

When contacting DPBH, you can choose to remain anonymous. If you choose to provide your name to the agency, they will ensure your personal information is kept confidential and will never be shared with the facility you are reporting.

Another great resource is Department of Health & Human Services Aging and Disability Services Division’s Nevada State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP). To contact the LTCOP, you can either call their helpline at 1-888-282-1155 or complete their online form here.

If you need any assistance reporting Nevada elder abuse, our Las Vegas nursing home abuse attorney can assist you. Contact Senior Justice Law Firm at 888-375-9998.

Largest Nursing Homes in Las Vegas

Below are some of the larger Las Vegas nursing homes, regardless of rating or prior lawsuits:

TLC Care Center – 255 beds

Delmar Gardens of Green Valley – 242 beds

The Heights of Summerlin, LLC. – 190 beds

College Park Rehabilitation Center – 188 beds

Mission Pines Nursing & Rehabilitation Center – 240 beds

Marquis Plaza Regency Post Acute Rehab – 188 beds

Silver Hills Health Care Center – 155 beds

Sandstone Spring Valley – 160 beds

Royal Springs Healthcare and Rehab – 225 beds

North Las Vegas Care Center – 182 beds

Recent Citations Against Las Vegas Nursing Homes

Horizon Health and Rehabilitation Center’s September 30th, 2022, Inspection:

During this inspection at Horizon Health and Rehabilitation Center, it was determined that staff had failed to provide appropriate pressure ulcer care to a resident. The resident, who had a history of an unstageable pressure ulcer (also known as bedsore) on his heel, was not provided with heel protectors. Heel protectors help to keep pressure off of a patient’s heels in bed.

Saint Joseph Transitional Rehabilitation Center’s August 12th, 2022, Inspection:

Inspectors found that staff at Saint Joseph Transitional Rehabilitation Center failed to prevent and treat a resident’s stage four sacral bedsore and stage three hip bedsore.

Mission Pines Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s June 17th, 2022, Inspection:

Based on interview and record review, it was determined that the facility failed to provide appropriate wound care for a resident’s stage two bedsore. Staff failed to follow a physician’s treatment orders for the wound. Dressing changes did not occur as much as they should have.

North Las Vegas Care Center’s September 16th, 2022, Inspection:

This inspection found that staff had failed to provide appropriate treatment for one resident for at least a month. The resident had orders in their medical records for bandage wraps on their legs to decrease swelling. Inspectors observed the resident without bandage wraps- their feet were a purplish hue and very swollen. When speaking with the resident’s roommate, inspectors were told that staff had stopped wrapping the resident’s feet a month ago. When observing the resident’s chart, there were no orders to discontinue the treatment.

Life Care Center of South Las Vegas’ December 20th, 2021, Inspection:

During conversations with one of the residents and their family at Life Care Center of South Las Vegas, inspectors were told that staff were not providing appropriate wound care. The resident explained that they had been admitted into the facility with a preexisting pressure ulcer (or bedsore) on their sacrum. Since residing at Life Care, the resident’s pressure ulcer had deteriorated due to the lack of wound care. Staff failed to change the wound dressings and properly clean the wound. The resident was also not frequently turned in bed to offload the pressure on the wound.

Life Care Center of Las Vegas’ December 6th, 2022, Inspection:

During this inspection of the facility, it was determined that staff failed to develop and implement a care plan to prevent a resident from developing bedsores.

Torrey Pines Post Acute and Rehabilitation’s February 23rd, 2022, Inspection:

It was found that the facility’s Social Services Director (SSD) refused to allow a Chinese resident to celebrate the Chinese New Year holiday with family.

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