Legal Issues with an American House Assisted Living Facility?

Cases against American House American House Senior Living Communities is a corporation that controls 43 assisted living facilities across five states and is rapidly growing across the United States after signing a deal with a Miami-based real estate firm in 2019. In fact, American House is one of the fifty largest senior living operators in the United States.

The rapid growth, however, does not guarantee appropriate care to residents. When money becomes the bottom line for companies that run assisted living facilities, the potential for negligence to arise in their homes increases when companies try to maximize profits.

If you suspect that someone you care for has been abused or injured in an American House assisted living facility —also known as American House Senior Living Communities—it is important that you reach out to a legal professional as soon as possible. Senior Justice Law Firm has years of experience in elder neglect and abuse cases and would be happy to speak with you free of charge. Speak with us via our live chat feature or call us at 888-375-9998 for a completely free case consultation.

Suing American House Assisted Living Facility for Negligence

No two cases of neglect are the same. While there are certain similarities from case to case, there is no set definition of what qualifies as neglect. Common cases involving neglect include residents who have:

  • repeatedly fallen
  • suffered broken bones or brain injuries
  • lost significant weight
  • been found dehydrated or malnourished
  • suffered severe bed sores, which can lead to even greater health complications
  • suddenly died

This is far from a comprehensive list of neglect, but it demonstrates some of the most common signs. American House Senior Living is not exempt from responsibility, and the perpetuation of neglect can have deadly consequences. While neglect can be a result of intentional misconduct, it can also be unintentional. Even if you do not believe that the staff at American House intentionally harmed you or someone you love, it is important to pursue a neglect lawsuit if you or a loved one has suffered because of subpar care. By allowing neglect to continue, the potential for even worse outcomes increases.

Nursing Home Abuse Red Flag Injuries

If you suspect negligence or malpractice, report the incident so that the harm does not happen to another resident.

A Lack of Assisted Living Facility Staff Leads to Negligence and Injury

A reoccurring issue with memory care and assisted living facilities is that emphasize profits over people. Sometimes, companies understaff  the assisted living facility to cut costs and stretch profits. The understaffing of nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be an intentional decision by owners or management in an attempt to cut costs and maximize profits. The resulting care is often catastrophically low in quality. When labor is cut, whether in the number staff members or hours the staff can work, and profits are prioritized, the workload that staff members are expected to handle can quickly become overwhelming.

Neglect often arises when staff members are subjected to poor and/or stressful working conditions. When a staff member is responsible for more than they can handle, it can be easy for them to overlook a resident and provide subpar care. This level of stress can even lead to an exhausted and overworked staff member taking out their frustration by ignoring a resident. While the actions of staff members who neglect residents is inexcusable, it is important to recognize that neglect is often a symptom of poor decisions from higher up.

To be clear, this is not the case with American House Senior Living. However, since these are problems that plague facilities across the nation, it is necessary for you as a family member to keep your guard up and your eyes open.

American House Senior Living’s Business Dealings with Private Equity Real Estate Investment Firms

When American House Senior Living signed a deal with Renew and Black Salmon, real estate investment firms, the emphasis was on the expansion of the company. While it is not a guarantee that corporate living facilities undervalue the importance of staffing, the potential for cost-cutting measures can easily arise, with staff being the one of the easiest cuts. A properly staffed memory care facility is vital for a well-run assisted living facility, and when facilities begin to cut their staff, the residents are the first ones who suffer.  American House’s recent partnership with Renew and Black Salmon continues to lead the company toward growth.

This type of behavior is what may result in a lawsuit against an American House assisted living location. For example, in Sarich vs. American House Lutz, it was alleged the the elderly plaintiff’s resident rights were violated, specifically including the right to adequate and appropriate healthcare; and the right to be treated courteously and with dignity.

How Much Are Claims Worth?

While each settlement in an assisted living abuse lawsuit is awarded depending on the severity of the case and its unique factors, the most severe cases have awarded more than $1 million to the victims. Even if your case did not have a severe outcome, like serious injury or death, a claim may still be worth pursuing.  While no monetary compensation can rectify your traumatic experiences, they can help fund your path to recovery and change the way the facility is run.

How Does a Lawsuit Against a Company like American House Change Anything?

A claim against a healthcare facility corporation can act as reparations for your or your loved one’s injury. Additionally, a lawsuit can have greater implications beyond your case. Neglect lawsuits can act as preventative measures of future misconduct by nursing homes and long-term care facilities. While the monetary settlement you receive are important to your recovery, your lawsuit can also spare a future family from experiencing the same pain that the facility subjected your loved one to. A lawsuit against a large senior living corporation hurts their bottom line, which encourages reform within their system to ensure better care for the residents within their facilities so that they can avoid future lawsuits that further harm their profits.

How to Pursue a Negligence Lawsuit Against American House

By getting in touch with Senior Justice Law Firm, you are beginning to take your first step in holding American House responsible for their actions. Our attorneys can competently handle your case and help you on your journey to justice.

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