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Background information on Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center

A 213-bed nursing home located at 1072 Havemeyer Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462, Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center has received an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars from The staffing rating is scarily rated at 1 out of 5 stars, which includes that patients only receive 11 minutes of Registered nurse care per day.

Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center has received 51 complaints and 13 standard health and life safety code violation citations in the past three years. With regard to the complaints, 7 on-site inspections were conducted but no citations issued against the facility. Three recent certification surveys show that despite the lack of complaint-related citations, Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center may pose a risk to its residents.

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Troubled Inspection Surveys at Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care

Certification Survey dated 3/28/2019

During this inspection survey, it was noted that a resident’s Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) had not been updated to include that the resident was at risk for victimization or abuse. The resident suffered from dementia and often would attempt to hold another resident’s hand down the hallway. In one instance, this had caused another resident to fall. She was also aggressive when asked to do something she did not want to do, and seeks out constant company. The resident often wandered up and down the hall and would act inappropriately during meal times, asking residents to walk with her or taking food from their trays.

The facility was also cited for not providing a Level II evaluation for possible mental illness for that same resident. The Director of Social Work stated that he did not realize a Level II evaluation can be commenced for a resident that had not been psychiatrically hospitalized.

In addition, the facility did not ensure that residents were free from unnecessary medication in three instances. One resident was prescribed antipsychotic medication as he is often confused, sometimes aggressive, and stated that he saw his brother in the mirror. However, there was no documentation that a non-pharmacological intervention was done prior to the antipsychotic drug being prescribed. Another resident prescribed antipsychotic medication was moderately impaired and had one episode of hallucination where he saw a baby. The resident had also been verbally abusive, screamed, and occasionally wandered around naked. He was never put through testing to determine whether he had a psychiatric condition given his age.

Furthermore, a resident had been evaluated by a optometrist for new glasses but had not yet received them, nor had she received any updates from the staff. Nor was there any documentation that she had received her glasses. It was later discovered that another resident had been given the glasses.

Certification Survey dated 8/4/2017

The surveyor noted that a CCP was not developed to address the care of multiple pressure ulcers for a resident. In addition, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) was observed removing the old dressing on another resident’s pressure ulcer, taking off her gloves, washing her hands, and putting on new, clean gloves prior to patting the area dry. Then, without again changing her gloves and washing her hands, she applied the topical medication. This was in violation of infection control policies and the facility was cited for this deficiency. This could lead to infections.

Certification Survey dated 5/13/2016

This inspection revealed several life safety code violations. For example, the facility did not ensure that the smoking room had metal containers with self-closing covers into which ashtrays could be emptied. In addition, the eyewash stations were in a room that was only accessible via a code – although all the staff members were aware of the code, the eyewash stations must be readily accessible in the case of an emergency. Finally, sprinkler coverage was lacking on the stairway to the roof from the 6th floor of the facility and corridor doors could not be closed due to wheelchairs, trash bins, and machines in several rooms.

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The surveys summarized above show that Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center may pose a risk of harm to residents. It is important that loved ones of residents watch for signs of nursing home neglect at Rebekah Rehab and Extended Care Center. The attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm narrowly focus on nursing home neglect and abuse cases, and may be able to help. Contact us toll free by calling 646-969-5855 or utilize the free chat feature on our website.

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