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New Jersey Law Protects Nursing Home Residents from Negligence, Neglect & Abuse

New Jersey Nursing Home Abuse AttorneysKnowledge is power. Luckily, the state of New Jersey has strong laws to prohibit nursing home abuse. New Jersey’s residents’ rights protect vulnerable residents in long term care facilities.

Each New Jersey nursing home resident has a right to be free from abuse and neglect, a right to courtesy and consideration and a right to physical privacy. Instances of nursing home abuse should be reported to the State of New Jersey immediately.

Recognizing New Jersey Nursing Home Abuse

How Do I Know…?

Keep a watchful eye on your loved one. If he or she develops any of the following injuries inside a New Jersey nursing home, this is a strong indicator of neglect.

  • Overmedication of the resident.
  • Sexual abuse (by an employee or another nursing home patient).
  • Physical abuse (by staff or other residents).
  • Broken bones.
  • Wounds and infections.
  • Bed sores.
  • Falls.
  • Head injuries.

Lawsuits Against New Jersey Nursing Homes

Most New Jersey lawsuits against nursing homes involve alleged violations of both New Jersey and Federal laws and regulations. If you intend on filing a complaint or lawsuit against a New Jersey facility, it is not recommended you do this alone.

Medical liability cases like these are full of potential legal land mines. For this reason, New Jersey nursing home lawsuits can be very difficult to prosecute as a pro se (unrepresented) party.

Luckily, our New Jersey nursing home abuse attorney works exclusively on contingency fee. This means you pay nothing up front and we only get paid if you make a recovery.

To learn more about starting the process of filing a lawsuit against a negligent nursing home, speak with our NJ nursing home negligence lawyers today. The consultation is free and you are not required to retain our firm.

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What is the Statute of Limitations on a New Jersey Nursing Home Case?

New Jersey law requires that any case against a negligent nursing home be filed within two years of the negligent act, or within two years of the injury being discovered – N.J. Stat. Ann. § 2A:14-2.

Under the discovery rule, New Jersey’s two year nursing home negligence time frame begins when the claimant’s suspicions ripen into knowledge that her injuries “may be” attributable to a nursing home’s poor treatment, and not at later date on which the claimant receives an expert opinion that a medical provider’s conduct amounts to malpractice. Brizak v. Needle 239 N.J.Super. 415, 571 A.2d 975 N.J.Super.A.D.,1990. 

It is best not to delay in seeking out a New Jersey nursing home negligence lawyer if you suspect malpractice.

Current Events Involving Nursing Home Negligence in New Jersey

Recently, 29 nursing homes in New Jersey received the worst rating from the Federal Government. This 1-star rating from CMS is the lowest possible and indicates a much below average nursing home.

Additionally, multiple New Jersey facilities are facing closures. The situation has been described as ‘an absolute nightmare’.

Areas Served in New Jersey

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If the case seems viable, we will begin working up your claim and place the at-fault facility on notice. We will file a Complaint in the appropriate venue and begin litigating your New Jersey nursing home negligence lawsuit. Although the vast majority of cases settle without a trial, we prepare each case as if it were going to be tried.

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