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Schenectady Nursing Home Abuse

Neglect, negligence, malpractice and abuse are terms that get thrown around often. However, the legal theories overlap.

Injuries are the common indicator of Schenectady nursing home abuse.

It is crucial that you, as a family member, be on the lookout for signs of abuse or neglect. These include:

Any of the above may be grounds for a Schenectady nursing home abuse lawsuit. Speak with our law firm today if your loved one suffered serious injury or death inside a Mohawk Valley nursing home, contact us now.

Schenectady Area Nursing Home News

In order to address the issue of short-staffing in nursing facilities, the Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, located in Schenectady County, has started to train its own certified nursing assistants. The first class of seven graduated in December 2018, and were able to earn a paycheck while being trained.

In March of 2021, Schenectady nursing home staff members picketed in front of the Schenectady Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, begging for corporate owners to invest in quality care.

Moreover, the Schenectady Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has, according to The Daily Gazette, has made significant improvements to its facility after numerous complaints by residents and their families. The level of care was so concerning that families of residents had demanded a meeting with the nursing facility’s administrators thirteen months prior to the changes being made. According to The Daily Gazette, one concern arose after the facility switched to a cheaper, thinner diaper, which resulted in residents experiencing much more leakage. A resident’s wife stated that when she visited, she would find her husband “soaking wet. Even his hair was wet with urine.”

The new administrator of Schenectady Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has made himself available to residents and their families with an “open door” policy, and has boasted of additional extracurricular activities for residents to improve their quality of life.

However, a comment left on that same article noted that the changes were not nearly as extensive as claimed, and that residents with memory issues were often left alone and isolated, with no aides caring for them. In addition, this commentator mentioned that the “quality of care hasn’t changed,” and that “residents are still sitting for hours waiting to be changed.”

The Reality of Schenectady Nursing Homes

Despite the positive changes allegedly made by the Schenectady Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, recent news has indicated that picketers feel the company ownership is placing too much emphasis on profits.

At another nursing home in Schenectady, Ellis Residential & Rehabilitation Center, a reviewer stated that her mother-in-law was neglected, which led to the development of a serious bed sore, and that food trays were left with residents with no attempts to ensure that they ate. Communication was allegedly impossible with the staff and social workers at the facility.

Reviews of Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center were not much better. One reviewer stated that the facility has kept calling him regarding a certain patient’s care and health issues. Despite the fact that he has asked the facility to remove his number from their records, he still receives calls and requests to call them back. This is particularly concerning and suggests that communication between staff members is, at best, lacking.

How We Can Help as Schenectady Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Sometimes, simply hiring an attorney to communicate your concerns is sufficient to get a nursing facility to take you, and your loved one’s care, seriously.

Other times, however, more legal action is needed. In instances of neglect or abuse, which have resulted in injuries or death to your loved one, filing a lawsuit against the facility may be the only way to get compensation for your loss. Injuries caused to seniors as a result of negligent care incur additional medical care and costs, and many times can have life-altering effects. Your loved one should not have to pay medical bills for injuries that have been inflicted on them by a nursing facility that was supposed to monitor and care for them.

At Senior Justice Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience in pursuing nursing home neglect and abuse cases. We have the expertise to aid you and your loved ones in ensuring that nursing homes provide the level of care that they advertise and that your loved one needs. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation regarding any nursing home issues.

Nursing Homes in the Schenectady Area

The following lists the nursing homes in the Schenectady area. If you believe that your loved one has experienced neglect or abuse at any of these facilities, please consider contacting us. Legal representation can go a long way in ensuring that your loved ones are looked after properly, and could very well prevent fatal accidents from occurring.


Facility Name Facility Type City
Baptist Health Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc Nursing Home Scotia
Ellis Residential & Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home Schenectady
Glendale Home – Schenectady CNTY Dept. Social Services Nursing Home Scotia
Kingsway Arms Nursing Center Inc Nursing Home Schenectady
Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home Niskayuna
Schenectady Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Nursing Home Schenectady

The Grand Rehabilitation and Nrsg at Guilderland
428 State Route 146
Altamont, NY 12009

Our Lady of Mercy Life Center
2 Mercycare Lane
Guilderland, NY 12084

Seton Health at Schuyler Ridge Residential H C
1 Abele Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065