Suing Heartland for Nursing Home Abuse or Wrongful Death?
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Suing Heartland for Nursing Home Abuse

Our Lawyers Have Brought Hundreds of Claims Against Heartland for Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Claims

Senior Justice is much more than our law firm’s name. It encompasses our firm motto. Our law firm is focused on nursing home abuse litigation and we only represent individual victims and their families. We have brought more nursing home abuse cases against Heartland and it’s parent company than any other nursing home corporation. If your loved one was injured or wrongfully died inside a Heartland facility, we can help you on your journey to justice. Call us now for your free, no-obligation consultation: 1-888-375-9998.

Do I Have a Case Against Heartland for Nursing Home Neglect?

There is no bright line test for determining whether a resident has been neglected inside a nursing home. However, we commonly see ‘red flag injuries’ which strongly indicate negligence. If your loved one developed the following injuries inside a Heartland nursing home, speak with our lawyers today to learn more about your options:

  • Bedsores, also referred to as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers
  • Falls resulting in serious injuries, like fractures
  • Rapid weight loss, usually due to dehydration or malnutrition
  • Medication mistakes
  • Choking on food or vomit
  • Wrongful death

Often times, family members are unsure if their loved one’s injury was due to nursing home negligence. This is why the lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm offer complimentary consultations. Call us today to begin the conversation at 1-888-375-9998.

Heartland Nursing Home Corporation Fast Facts

  1. HCR Manor Care (the parent company of all Heartland facilities) has more than 500 facilities nationwide and is one of the largest nursing home corporations in the U.S.
  2. Heartland has annual revenues of $5.3 billion. This is comparable to the gross exports of the entire nation of Bolivia.
  3. In 2013, Heartland was slammed with a $90 million jury verdict in a nursing home abuse case where Heartland was alleged to be understaffed due to corporate greed.
  4. In 2015, Heartland was sued by the United States Department of Justice for allegedly billing for medically unnecessary therapy to maximize its profits.

So What is the Point in Bringing a Nursing Home Abuse Case Against Heartland?

No amount of money will erase the pain and suffering that a family endures after a nursing home abuse incident. So why bother bringing a nursing home abuse case against Heartland? It is about justice and accountability. Heartland is a massive multi-billion dollar corporation. An angry letter or complaint filed with the state will not make it on the CEO’s desk. This corporation, like all other for-profit corporations, cares deeply about its bottom-line profits. If you want to send a message to a large corporation and change its behavior, take its money. Although a large settlement of jury verdict will not undo the harm caused to your family, it will act as a deterrent to future bad care in the hopes that this does not happen to another resident.

FAQ’s About Suing Heartland

Q. I know Heartland is a massive company and will have a team of lawyers in-house. How can I afford to hire lawyers to fight for me?

A. The lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm work only on a contingency fee agreement. This means if you do not make a financial recovery, you owe us nothing. We pay all the upfront costs and we only get paid if you do. Do not let concern over paying for attorneys stop you from investigating your case.

Q. My family member was very ill, but I also think he was neglected by Heartland nurses. How do I know what caused his death?

A. Nursing home patients, by definition, are all very ill. This is no excuse to abuse or neglect a patient. Our lawyers work with a team of expert witnesses who will analyze your case and make medical determinations as to what caused your loved one’s passing.

Q. What is my Heartland nursing home negligence settlement worth? And who is entitled to the settlement money?

A. The value of a nursing home abuse claim against Heartland varies based on liability and damages. Cases against Heartland can resolve for as low as $25,000 or settle well into the six figures. It depends the individual case facts. The victim of the neglect is generally the recipient of the settlement money. However, if the victim passes away, the settlement proceeds typically go into the Estate of the deceased and on to his/her surviving family members.

Q. How long will my case against Heartland take to settle?

A. This all depends on the settlement offers made by Heartland and your family’s expectations. Many of our nursing home abuse cases against Heartland settle quickly in pre-suit, meaning before a lawsuit is filed. These pre-lawsuit settlements can occur as quickly as three months. Many Heartland claims proceed into litigation and can go on for years. It really depends on the case facts.

Q. Which parent company owns Heartland nursing homes?

A. Previously, Heartland facilities were owned by HCR ManorCare. However, HCR ManorCare went bankrupt and was acquired by ProMedica. After the acquisition, Heartland facilities kept their name. Recently, ProMedica has announced that these facilities will change their names to ProMedica. Our firm has extensive experience suing ProMedica for negligence.

More Questions on Your Potential Heartland Negligence Lawsuit?

Knowledge is power. You need to understand your legal rights when facing down a large nursing home corporation like Heartland. Speak with a lawyer now with years of experience suing Heartland for nursing home abuse. Either call us at 1-888-375-9998 or fill out the case intake form below. Together we can stop the cycle of nursing home abuse.

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