Lawyers Holding Manor Care Accountable

You have questions about suing a Manor Care nursing home for injury or wrongful death. Our elder abuse attorneys are here to help. At Senior Justice Law Firm, achieving justice for wrongfully injured seniors is our mission. Our nursing home abuse lawyers have a combined 50+ years of experience suing nursing homes like ManorCare for neglect and we have handled countless claims against HCR ManorCare, Inc.

If you believe you have a nursing home negligence case against a Manor Care facility, call us today. We have successfully handled hundreds of cases against Manor Care for neglect and negligence. Let our experience litigating against ManorCare work for you. The consultation is free and our lawyers have helped hundreds of wrongfully injured ManorCare residents successfully sue the facility for neglect. Our skilled nursing home abuse lawyers are available to answer your questions now, toll-free, by calling 1-888-375-9998, or by filling out the Free Case Consultation form.

Lawsuits against Manor Care for nursing home abuse

How Do I Know if I Have a Case Against a Manor Care Nursing Home?

Common red flag injuries that indicate nursing home abuse include:

  • Bedsores, Pressure Sores or Decubitus Ulcers
  • Medication Mistakes
  • Falls Resulting in Broken Bones or Brain Bleeds
  • Infections, Infected Picc Lines, Catheter Infections, UTI’s and Sepsis
  • Wrongful Death
  • Unexplained Fractures
  • Attacks by Other Residents or Staff
  • Dehydration & Malnutrition
  • Unexplained, Sudden Death

If you suspect neglect, do not remain silent. Speak with our lawyers today to determine if you have a valid nursing home abuse claim against the Manor Care nursing home chain. We can help you report the abuse to the appropriate state agency and uncover the justice your family deserves.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Manor Care Nursing Home

Who is HCR ManorCare?

The parent company of each ManorCare nursing home is known as HCR ManorCare. This parent corporation operates and owns all ManorCare nursing homes. HCR ManorCare operates more than 500 facilities nationwide, including nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living facilities and memory care units. If your loved one was wrongfully injured or killed inside a Manor Care nursing home, the relevant insurance policy will be under the HCR ManorCare umbrella, regardless of the individual facility name. The national Heartland Manor Care company is one of the largest nursing home chains in the world. The HCR ManorCare company was so large that it was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HCR. It has since gone private in 2007. Based in Toledo, Ohio, the nursing home corporation employs over 50,000 caregivers nationwide and has facilities in more than 30 states.

Lawsuits Against HCR ManorCare for Nursing Home Abuse

Legal Problems with the U.S. Government

Recently, a federal investigation into ManorCare led to the U.S. government intervening in three False Claims Act lawsuits against Manor Care’s parent company, HCR ManorCare. The allegations in these ManorCare lawsuits involved false claims being submitted by ManorCare to Medicare for services that were not rendered, or did not need to be rendered. The U.S. government investigators allege that Manor Care exerted pressure on its nursing home administrators to bill Medicare and meet ‘unrealistic financial goals that resulted in the provision of medically unreasonable and unnecessary services to Medicare and Tricare patients.’ This focus on profits over people may result in understaffing of ManorCare facilities, which can lead to individual instances of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Individual Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits Against Manor Care Facilities

Over the years, our attorneys have pursued hundreds of nursing home abuse claims against numerous Manor Care facilities. The most common injury our attorneys handle against Manor Care involves bedsores. Bed sores develop in Manor Care nursing homes due to patient neglect. If a Manor Care resident is not turned and repositioned every 2 hours, bed sores will develop. The second most common injury we see against ManorCare are repeated patient falls. If a resident is at risk for falls, the Manor Care nursing home nurses are required by law to create a care plan to prevent future falls. Failing to do this is an example of nursing home negligence. We have also handled failure to react to infection cases, with cases involving UTI’s, infected picc lines, infected catheters and ignoring residents with sepsis. We have even handled cases against ManorCare for physical and sexual assault, as disturbing as that may be. Whatever the injury may be, you need an experienced Manor Care nursing home abuse lawyer to investigate your claim. The cause of the injury may be deeper than the individual case. For example, our elder abuse law firm regularly employs expert witnesses to analyze Manor Care’s Medicare Cost Reports. These financial statements are then cross checked with staffing documents. Oftentimes we discover the Manor Care nursing home was understaffed given the residents it housed at the time. This ‘profits before people’ attitude may be the root cause of your family member’s falls, bedsores or wrongful death. But in order to uncover the true cause of the injury, you need a nursing home abuse lawyer that is familiar with the Manor Care corporate structure.

Manor Care Profits Before People

Notable Jury Verdicts Against Manor Care Nursing Homes

ManorCare has been the Defendant in some sizeable jury verdicts where juries punished the corporation for nursing home negligence. Past jury verdicts against ManorCare include:

Estate of Dorothy Douglas v. Manor Care, Inc., HCR Manor Care Services, Inc., et. al.

In this West Virginia case, a jury returned a punitive damage verdict against ManorCare for $91.5 million. The nursing home negligence allegations were that Dorothy Douglas, an 87 year old suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, was admitted to the ManorCare nursing home on September 4, 2009. Upon admission, she was walking and talking. Within 19 days of her residency at Manor Care, she suffered multiple falls and was dehydrated, malnourished, unable to walk and unresponsive. She developed bedsores and wounds and required an admission to the local hospital. She died 18 days after her discharge from the ManorCare nursing home. Her cause of death was severe dehydration. The decedent’s son, Tom Douglas, brought the wrongful death claim in his mother’s memory. During the trial, evidence was put forth that the facility was systemically understaffed in order to maximize profits. This enraged the jury which compelled them to return a multi-million dollar jury verdict against Manor Care. Specifically, the jury awarded the Plaintiff $11,500,000 in compensatory damages and $80,000,000 in punitive damages.

Estate of Barbara Barber v. ManorCare, Inc., et. al.

In this New Mexico nursing home abuse case against Manor Care, a jury returned an award for the Plaintiff of $53.2 million. The Albuquerque jury specifically awarded $4,000,000 in compensatory damages and $50,000,000 in punitive damages against the ManorCare nursing home corporation. The case involved wrongful death allegations brought by the family of the deceased victim, Barbara Barber. Ms. Barber was 78 years old when she was admitted into the ManorCare facility. During her residency, it was alleged that she was neglected and developed internal bleeding. Following her death, evidence was presented that the Manor Care nurses attempted to cover up the wrongdoing and conceal the incident. With elder abuse cases, the cover up is always worse than the crime. This jury agreed.

Estate of Ana Carrasco v. ManorCare Health Services, et. al.

Ana Carrasco was admitted to a ManorCare nursing home in Illinois for supervision and care related to her tracheostomy tube. Every nursing home in America that accepts patients with trach tubes is required to have policies and procedures for keeping the trach tube clean and unclogged to prevent injury. In this case, ManorCare nurses failed to keep the tracheostomy tube clean and the tube got clogged. This prevented Ana from being able to breathe and she tragically suffocated for 3 to 5 minutes. Ana ended up in a coma and was admitted to a hospital where she died two days later. The Cook County jury returned a verdict against ManorCare, awarding the Plaintiff $2.9 million in damages. Specifically, the jury apportioned $1,500,000 in survival pain and suffering, $100,000 in disability and disfigurement, $18,896 in medical expenses and $1,360,000 in the wrongful death claim for both adult children survivors.

Settlements Against ManorCare Nursing Homes for Abuse and Neglect Injuries

Our attorneys have settled numerous claims against ManorCare and its related entities. Because these settlements usually include a confidentiality clause, we are unable to publish the names, facts and exact dollar amounts of each settlement our lawyers have recovered for our wrongfully injured clients. However, we have settled claims against Manor Care for bed sores, falls, fractures, infections and wrongful death. Our attorneys have successfully recovered in excess of $1 million from Manor Care in pursuit of justice for neglected seniors who were injured or killed inside a Manor Care facility.

Senior Justice Law Firm Can Help!

The lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm have decades of experience suing Manor Care facilities. Let our experience help maximize your settlement or verdict against this corporate chain. Our compassionate and experienced lawyers are here to help. Call us, toll-free, for your no-obligation Manor Care case evaluation now at 1-888-375-9998.

Is Manor Care Bankrupt?

Suing ManorCare for Wrongful DeathManor Care’s parent company, HCR ManorCare Inc., filed for bankruptcy in 2018. The massive long-term care provider filed for Chapter 11 because it fell behind in rent payments to its landlord, Quality Care Properties Inc.

As a result, a deal was reached where QCP would acquire HCR ManorCare, Inc. This created a stir in the industry, as Manor Care has thousands of employees nationwide and Quality Care Properties has 10 full time employees. Experts analogize the QCP takeover as a minnow swallowing a whale.

A few weeks after the QCP announcement, it was announced that healthcare giants ProMedica and Welltower Inc. would acquire the Manor Care chain in a $1.95 billion acquisition. ProMedica and Welltower initially intended on keeping Manor Care facilities as a separate brand from ProMedica. However, in 2020 it was announced that ProMedica will re-brand the facilities under the ProMedica name.

ProMedica operates a large scale healthcare system, including hospitals, hospice and home care. With Manor Care under the ProMedica umbrella, the entire corporate healthcare network totaled $7 billion. The company planned to invest more than $400 million into the Manor Care brand.

Unfortunately, the nursing home portfolio declined in value after the ProMedica merger.

2023 Update on Manor Care’s Future as a Nursing Home Company

After ProMedica assumed control of the Manor Care chain of nursing homes, the company lost millions of dollars. Some speculate the loss was due to COVID while others say it was due to ProMedica’s mismanagement of the nursing home giant. Regardless, things did not end well for ProMedica’s attempt to run the Manor Care nursing home chain.

As a result, ProMedica withdrew its control of the Manor Care nursing home chain in December of 2022.

Welltower, the healthcare REIT that owns the senior housing facilities, announced it had found a solution. Welltower would transfer control of the 147 nursing homes from ProMedica into a new joint venture with Integra Health. Everyone in the long term care industry was confused, because no one had heard of Integra Health.

Hindenburg Research conducted a deep dive into the Welltower / Integra Health joint venture to run the Manor Care nursing homes. The findings are not good. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Integra Health “seems to barely exist” and is less than 6 months old

  • Integra’s CEO, 29-year-old David Gefner, appears to have no background in the skilled nursing space at all. Integra has no employees on LinkedIn except for Gefner, who claims to have worked at the 6-month-old entity for 11 months.

  • In addition to his CEO role at Integra, Gefner is CEO of private equity firm “Perigrove”, which at one point claimed to have raised $3 billion. Hindenburg found no regulatory Form ADVs or Form Ds for Gefner or Perigrove. Hindenburg also found no association with a broker/dealer, indicating that Perigrove may have either lied about the size of its capital raises or raised the capital illegally.

  • Perigrove claimed on its website to have run 12 prior real estate projects. Hindenburg found no evidence to support this. Real estate records show all were led by other developers.

  • Perigrove had a documented role in only 1 of the claimed projects on its website that we could find; an attempted launch of a $30 million crypto token to raise funds for a property once dubbed by Crain’s Business as the “city’s worst illegal hotel”. The token offering looks to have failed.

  • Perigrove’s website claims it operates out of a prestigious office building in Manhattan. Hindenburg visited and found the company has no presence at its claimed address.

  • Instead, Hindenburg found Perigrove’s office on the outskirts of New York City, in a strip mall sharing an address with an auto parts store. On the front door of the building, Perigrove’s name was spelled wrong, as “Perigove”, with stickers. The lobby was full of auto parts. 

    The Toledo Blade called the joint venture between Integra Health and Manor Care “a sham“.

FAQ’s on Suing Manor Care for Neglect

Q. How long will it take for my Manor Care nursing home abuse case to settle?

A. This all depends on the facts of your case and what you expect in terms of a recovery. Many of our claims against Manor Care settle quickly in pre-suit. For a detailed timeline on a Manor Care lawsuit, please see below.

Q. How do I know if I have a viable nursing home negligence case against ManorCare?

A. You should speak with one of our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers to determine if you have a potential case. Go with your gut. If something feels fishy about what happened at the ManorCare facility, investigate deeper. If you do not know where to start, our attorneys are happy to advise you in a free consultation about your options moving forward. Call us now at 888-375-9998.

Q. My family member was injured inside a Manor Care nursing home. What should I do?

A. First, secure medical treatment with an emergency room or outside doctor that is not affiliated with ManorCare. Second, report the neglect to the appropriate state agency so they can investigate what happened. Please click here if you need assistance with where to report a nursing home injury. Third, speak with our nursing home abuse attorneys today. We have years of experience litigating against ManorCare and we are happy to help you on your path to justice.

Q. I cannot afford a lawyer right now. How much do you charge to pursue a lawsuit against Manor Care?

A. Our nursing home abuse law firm works 100% on contingency fee. This means we do not charge any upfront costs or fees, and we only get paid if you recover money. Our typical attorneys’ fees are 33.3-40% of your total settlement or judgement.

Q. What is My Manor Care Lawsuit Worth?

A. Curious to know what your case against ManorCare may be worth? Each case’s settlement value is different. Most of our cases against ManorCare settle in the low six figures. The determination of your claim against ManorCare needs to be made based on the individual case facts. Speak with our lawyers today about your case against ManorCare. The call is free and there is no obligation. Call us now at 888-375-9998.

Q. What are the most commonly litigated nursing home abuse injuries in Manor Care lawsuits?

A. Our attorneys routinely sue Manor Care for bed sores, resident falls, broken hips, brain injuries, sepsis, untreated infections, UTI, and wrongful death.

Lawsuit Against ManorCare

Suing a Manor Care Nursing Home for Abuse:
What to Expect

What are the steps in suing ManorCare for nursing home abuse? How long will a claim against Manor Care take to settle? We often get questions about time frames in nursing home abuse cases, so we have put together a general timeline of what to expect in your case against Manor Care:

  • Pre-Suit Investigation: 10-45 days. This is the time period where we speak with you about your case and learn from you about how the injury or death occurred. If this is a claim we can help you with, we will have you sign the contingency fee contract and begin obtaining your loved one’s medical records.
  • Notice to ManorCare: 30-90 days. After obtaining medical records and developing a good faith basis for bringing a nursing home negilgence claim against ManorCare, we will formally put Manor Care on notice of our intention to sue the company. At the end of this presuit period, ManorCare may offer to resolve your claim in the form of a settlement. This settlement may be done informally (usually between the attorneys talking on the phone) or formally through a mediation. Many of our ManorCare cases settle without litigation. This determination to settle is made by the parties involved in the lawsuit.
  • Litigation and Discovery: 6 months – 2 years. If your claim does not settle in presuit, a formal lawsuit is filed. This is called the Complaint. Once filed, we will conduct discovery with ManorCare. This is our opportunity to obtain critical documents, like medical records, incident reports and financial records, if applicable. Official witness statements will also be taken during this time. This is called a deposition. We will depose employees and staff from ManorCare to investigate the incident.
  • Trial: 3 days to 2 weeks. If your case does not settle along the way, we will try the claim against ManorCare. A nursing home abuse trial can take 3 days or 2 weeks. It all depends on the facts, whether Manor Care admits liability, and how many expert witnesses are called to testify.

Nursing Home Abuse Infographic

Abused and Neglected in a Manor Care Facility?
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If you or someone you know was hurt due to abuse or neglect inside ManorCare, take action and stop the cycle of neglect. Call our seasoned nursing home abuse lawyers now at 1-888-375-9998. Prefer typing over talking? That’s OK too. Fill out the case evaluator form below and start the conversation. All consultations are free and we are happy to help.