$215,000 Jury Verdict Against Glades West Rehab and Nursing

Plaintiff's Jury Verdict Against Nursing Home for Neglect

A Broward County jury awarded the Caragiulo family $215,000 for a fall and re-fracture of a hip that occurred at Glades West Rehabilitation & Nursing Center.

Our Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorneys explain this large award against the Glades West Rehab facility in Miramar, FL.

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Facts in the Lawsuit vs. Glades West Nursing Home

The plaintiff sued Glades West for violating the nursing home residents’ chapter 400 rights and allowing the resident to suffer a fall which resulted in a broken hip. The victim was an 86 year old resident of Glades West and a diagnosed fall risk. She was unable to bear weight on her own and had a history of falls. Allegedly, the nursing home removed fall preventative techniques and devices which could have stopped Ms. Caragiulo from falling again.

The plaintiff’s expert testified that the nursing home was negligent in failing to ensure that fall prevention techniques, like bed alarms, floor mats, and bed rails, were used to stop falls.

The defendant contested these allegations and argued there was no evidence that they provided negligent care. The nursing home attorneys maintained that Ms. Caragiulo did not exhibit indications that she would try to walk on her own, and that is why the specific fall precautions were withheld.

Experts Used in the Trial Against Glades West Rehab and Nursing

The plaintiff called Dr. Christopher M. Davey from Miami, who served as the geriatric medicine expert.

The Jury’s Findings in the Case Against Glades West Rehab and Nursing

The Broward County jury found the nursing home 90% liable for the plaintiff’s injuries. The jury did allocate 10% of the blame, through the legal principal called comparative fault, on the plaintiff herself for getting out of bed without assistance.

The monetary award was broken down as follows:

  • $215,000 gross damages
    • $70,000 in past medical expenses
    • $55,000 in future medical expenses
    • $75,000 in past pain and suffering
    • $15,000 in future pain and suffering

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