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lawsuits against Avante at Inverness alleging wrongful death and nursing home neglect

Background Information on Avante at Inverness

Avante at Inverness is a 104-bed nursing home in Citrus County, Florida. The facility can be found at 304 S. Citrus Avenue in Inverness, across the road from HCA Florida Citrus Hospital. Avante at Inverness, Inc. is a for-profit nursing home owned by AG Holdings, Inc.

As of the time of this post, the facility has been given an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars by Medicare. According to the staffing reports the facility submitted to Medicare, the nursing home has a higher percentage of nursing staff turnover than the Florida average. Avante at Inverness has a nursing staff turnover percentage of 67.8%, while the Florida average is 51.8%. Lower staff turnover rates may result in better care, due to staff being familiar with the facility’s residents and their needs.

Avante at Inverness has been sued for nursing home neglect and abuse in the past. Additionally, the nursing home has been cited several times by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for violations of resident care standards.

Lawsuits Against Avante at Inverness for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Allegations

The following lawsuits have been filed against Avante at Inverness:

Hallmark, Bobby E/O vs. Avante at Inverness, Inc.

Allegations: Sheryl Dye, the personal representative of the estate of Mr. Hallmark, filed a nursing home negligence lawsuit against Avante at Inverness, Inc. in 2021. Ms. Dye alleged that staff at the nursing home failed to prevent Mr. Hallmark from suffering falls, aspirating on food, and developing severe infections. Ms. Dye alleged that as a result of Avante at Inverness’ negligence, Mr. Hallmark suffered an untimely death.

Morris, Ruthanne E/O vs. Avante at Inverness, Inc.

Allegations: The estate of Ms. Morris, led by William George Morris, filed a nursing home negligence lawsuit against Avante at Inverness in 2020. Mr. Morris alleged that staff at the facility failed to properly care for Ms. Morris and provide her with adequate nursing care. Ms. Morris suffered a right hip fracture and severe bruising to her forehead, back, shoulders, and hands. As a result of her injuries, Ms. Morris passed away.

Cline, Andrew S. E/O vs. Avante at Inverness, Inc.

Allegations: Mr. Cline’s personal representative, Lori Cline-McLeod, filed suit against Avante at Inverness, Inc. after Mr. Cline’s wrongful death. While a resident at the nursing home, Mr. Cline suffered from multiple urinary tract infections (UTIs), sepsis and septic shock, an acute kidney injury, PEG tube dislodgement, a subdural hematoma (brain bleed), and a stage four pressure ulcer (bedsore). Ms. Cline-McLeod alleged that Avante at Inverness’ negligence led to Mr. Cline’s injuries and death.

Martinez, Christopher C. vs. Avante at Inverness, Inc.

Allegations: Diana Lynn Martinez, the plenary guardian of Mr. Martinez, filed a lawsuit against Avante at Inverness. While a resident in the facility, Mr. Martinez suffered from the dislodgement of his PEG tube, which resulted in the development of infections. Ms. Martinez alleged that the damages suffered by Mr. Martinez were a result of the facility’s inadequate staffing and failure to provide adequate nursing care.

Deficiencies at Avante at Inverness for Resident Care Violations

May 13, 2021, Inspection at Avante at Inverness

During an inspection at the nursing home, inspectors determined that the facility had failed to provide enough food and fluids to maintain a resident’s health. Review of the resident’s medical records revealed that she had gone from 150 pounds to 125.2 pounds in three months. Inspectors noticed that aides were not encouraging residents to eat, and the kitchen did not provide alternative meals to residents who could not eat the food on their trays.

October 17, 2019, Inspection at Avante at Inverness

Based on observation and record review, it was determined that the facility had failed to follow a resident’s plan of care relating to splint use and Range of Motion exercises (ROM). The resident was admitted to Avante at Inverness with a contracture of his upper left extremity. He was prescribed a splint to prevent further contractures. During this inspection at the facility, the resident was observed without the splint and suffering from mobility issues. When staff were asked about the splint and ROM exercises, they stated that they did not know that the resident needed that type of care. During an interview with the facility’s Director of Nursing (DON), it was confirmed that the splint and ROM exercises were in the resident’s care plan, but were not being implemented.


*The above does not mean your loved one would be in harm at this facility. Each facility gets inspected often. Almost all facilities have deficiencies. Many face civil lawsuits. You should not make a facility placement decision based solely on the above information. Each case is different. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome or indicate an expected outcome on your particular case. The above prior lawsuit information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The information is not provided in the course of an attorney-client relationship and is not intended to substitute for legal advice from an attorney. This individual case information above is publicly filed information gathered from the publicly filed complaint. This information and these cases are not the work of this law firm. The inspection results are provided from public government agency surveys. The state Department of Health conducts a survey of all nursing home facilities at least once every 15 months. The deficiencies listed on this page may have been corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. Citations, ratings and deficiencies are current as of the date of this post and will change later on. The inspection findings published are not complete. You may find the most up to date information at medicare.gov. This material is not endorsed by the facility or by any governmental agency. Speak with an attorney immediately if you believe you have a viable case against a nursing home, assisted living facility or medical facility. 

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