Delray Medical Center Falls, Bed Sores and Patient Lawsuits

Delray Medical Center Falls, Bed Sores and Medical Malpractice Claims

Despite its shiny new exterior renovation, Delray Medical Center still occasionally commits medical malpractice by neglecting patients and allowing falls and bedsores to occur. As Boca Raton hospital negligence lawyers, we have handled a number of lawsuits against Delray Medical Center for injuries to patients. The majority of cases we’ve sued Delray Medical Center for include allegations involving bedsores and patient falls. Do you think that you have a hospital malpractice case against Delray Medical Center? If so, contact our experienced lawyers today for your free case consultation at 561-717-0817.

Suing Delray Medical Center for Patient Bed Sores

Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU) are a never event in medicine. This means they should never occur. Patient neglect is the most likely culprit for any hospital-acquired Stage III or Stage IV bed sores. Speak with our lawyers at Senior Justice Law Firm today to learn your legal options against DMC for this deep tissue skin injury.

Preventing bed sores inside the hospital is easy. Nurses are required to turn and reposition the patient at least every 2 hours. Failure to do this is grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit against Delray Medical Center for patient neglect.

Bed sore stages.

Delray Medical Center Lawsuit for Patient Falls and Dropping Incidents

Every hospital is legally required to assess its patients for fall risk. At Delray Medical Center, the hospital nurses use the Morse Fall Risk Scale to determine if a patient is at risk for falls. If a patient is a fall risk, Delray Medical Center must implement reasonable fall preautions.

Not every hospital fall is preventable. However, if the staff at DMC failed to place proper fall precautions and your loved one sustained a serious injury, you likely have a fall case against Delray Medical Center hospital.

Typical fall case injuries involve one or more of the following:

If nurses allow a demented patient to wander out of the hospital (referred to as elopement), or drop a mobility-impaired patient during a transfer, these are also grounds to sue Delray Medical Center.

General Information About Delray Medical Center Malpractice Lawsuits

Delray Medical Center has been cited numerous times by state agencies for failure to follow administrative regulations and codes governing Florida hospitals.

Although the majority of cases we’ve handled against Delray Medical Center have been for pressure sores and patient falls, we have sued the DMC hospital for a number of other injuries.

If you have questions about your potential case against Delray Medical Center, contact our local, knowledgeable attorneys today to learn how you can hold DMC accountable for medical malpractice. Call us now or fill out the case evaluator form below.

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Prior Delray Medical Center Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Filed

The follow cases have been filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court against Delray Medical Center for alleged medical malpractice.



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