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Nestled between Lemon Bay and Myakka State Forest, Grand Villa of Englewood is a 216-bed assisted living facility that promises a “family atmosphere” and “peace of mind by helping to ensure that care is provided as needed.” The facility has been owned by GV Englewood LLC since January 2016 and is located at 925 South River Road, Englewood, Florida 34223.

Since that time, the facility has been fined 9 times for a total of $4,500. The most recent fine of $500 was imposed on the facility for its failure to report an adverse incident that occurred at the facility to the Agency for Health Care Administration within 15 days. Although the report was due by December 18, 2017, it was not submitted until January 29, 2018.

In addition to numerous other deficiency citations issued by Florida’s AHCA (some of which are summarized below), Grand Villa of Englewood has also been sued for failing to provide adequate assisted living care and for allegedly perpetrating negligence. The allegations in that case, filed on March 3, 2020, is summarized below.

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William R. Lutz, as personal representative of the Estate of Nancy M. Lutz vs. Grand Villa of Englewood

Allegations: According to the Complaint, Ms. Nancy M. Lutz was admitted as a resident at Grand Villa of Englewood on July 24, 2017. Approximately a month later, on August 29, 2017, Ms. Lutz allegedly fell out of bed which resulted in a head injury. The injury led to a rapid decline of Ms. Lutz’s health, including the development of 19 pressure ulcers.

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AHCA Citations and Inspections at Grand Villa of Englewood

Furthermore, AHCA deficiency citations show that the facility has often not been in compliance with state regulations. A summary of the three most recent citation surveys is provided below and indicate that the residents at the Grand Villa of Englewood may be at risk of experiencing assisted living facility neglect or abuse.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 8/8/2019 at Grand Villa of Englewood

The surveyor noted that the dining menu was not posted as required. When interviewed, the certified dietary manager (CDM) stated that the printer had been broken and she had been unable to print the menus for at least two weeks. She had been using individual menus to take orders from residents but the menus were labeled “Monday” although the current date was “Wednesday.” When the Administrator was interviewed, she confirmed that the printer had been broken and that she will post it as soon as possible. She stated that they were on Cycle 3 of the menu. Later, a menu was posted but it was not dated a week in advance as required and it was labeled Cycle 2, not Cycle 3.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 8/7/2018 at Grand Villa of Englewood

This survey was conducted in response to complaints filed with AHCA regarding a resident’s medication. Out of the 10 allegations in the 3 complaints received, 2 were found to be substantiated during this survey.

The facility was cited for its failure to follow physician medication orders. For one resident, a physician’s assistant had reduced a medication from twice a day to once a day. The record reflected this change. However, the Medical Observation Record, which keeps track of when residents receive medication and confirms that they have taken it, stated that the medication was continued to be given twice a day until it ran out.

Upon interviewing a medical technician, she stated that she brings up a resident’s medication on the electronic Medical Observation Record, then dispenses it as necessary. She cannot see what the resident previously received from the electronic Medical Observation Record, only what she is responsible for on her shift. It was later confirmed that the electronic Medical Observation Record was not accurate for this resident.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies dated 8/3/2017 at Grand Villa of Englewood

AHCA observed that medication was not properly administered to residents at Grand Villa of Englewood. In one case, the resident was assisted with administering two puffs from an inhaler. The medication label instructed the patient to rinse his mouth and spit out the water. It specifically stated that the water should not be swallowed to reduce the risk of the development of a fungal infection. However, the resident was observed to rinse his mouth and swallow the water after administration of the medication. When interviewed, the medical technician stated that she was not aware of the need for the resident to spit out the water after administration of the medication.

For another resident, the same medical technician gave the resident her medication without reading the label of any of the medications. When asked why, she responded why she would have to if she had been giving the same medication to the resident for a year. The medical technician stated that the resident “knows her meds and can read them better than me.” Medical technicians are required to read the labels aloud to the resident for each medication dispensed.

Finally, a staff member had been providing care to a resident when she left the resident to look for wipes. When she returned shortly thereafter, the resident had fallen off her bed and onto the floor. The resident had bruises around her eyes and on her forehead. The incident was reported to the family and the hospice. However, no incident report had been filed; it had been completed but not yet reviewed.


Grand Villa of Englewood has an overall good reputation, but has experienced some isolated issues with resident care. There have been documented issues regarding administration of medication and at least one fall has occurred in the past three years. Failure to administer medication as prescribed, in the method prescribed, could place residents at serious risk of harm.

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