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Homestead is located at the southern end of Miami-Dade County with a population of around 70,000. With a tropical warm climate just north of the Florida Keys, Homestead is a retirees dream. For this reason, Homestead attracts many senior citizens.

Homestead Area Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Among its many fruit trees and coconut palm trees, the southern Miami-Dade County area surrounding Homestead has numerous long term care facilities. Homestead area nursing homes and assisted living facilities are legally required to provide appropriate care and supervision to elderly residents. If the facility fails to properly care for its residents, the family member of the injured patient can file a Homestead nursing home lawsuit.

Homestead, FL Nursing Home Lawsuit

Homestead, FL Nursing Home Neglect AttorneysSometimes, the only justice that can be found after an elderly loved one is injured or killed inside a facility is via a civil lawsuit for damages. Even though the money will not undue the harm done, it will hopefully send a message to the negligent nursing home or ALF so that mistakes are not repeated.

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If you believe your family member was neglected, do not delay in speaking with one of our lawyers. You want to take action before critical records get changed and witnesses fade away.

What Should I Do Following a Suspicious Injury Inside a Nursing Home or Assisted Living?

If your loved one developed pressure sores, wounds, suffered a fall, broke bones, developed a brain bleed, or died under suspicious circumstances, allow our compassionate and dedicated Homestead nursing home negligence attorneys the opportunity to investigate the case. Contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation. You can also report nursing home abuse by calling 1-800-96-Abuse.

Why Senior Justice?

Senior Justice Law Firm is one of a few firms in Florida focused on cases against nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We regularly sue negligent nursing homes, ALF’s, memory care units, rehabs, hospitals and convalescent centers. Our nursing home abuse lawyers have years of experience representing families who sue large nursing home conglomerates. Call us today to see why we are different.

Homestead Nursing Homes

The following nursing homes (also referred to as skilled nursing facilities) are located within the greater Homestead area.

NameStreet AddressCityBeds
11855 Quail Roost Dr.MIAMI213

Homestead, FL A.L.F.’s

The following assisted living facilities (also referred to as memory care facilities or ALF’s) are located in or near Homestead and South Dade.

NameTypeStreet AddressCity
Assisted Living Facility13442 SW 284TH STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility14335 SW 288TH STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility16251 SW 248TH STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility12414 SW 252 TERRACEHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility931 NE 17TH TERHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility13071 SW 260TH TERHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility12211 SW 268 STREETHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility13481 SW 268TH TERHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility26775 SW 129TH AVEHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility14785 COOLIDGE LNHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility30136 SW 148TH PLHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility24151 SW 107TH AVEHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility28122 SW 160 CTHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility770 NW 9TH COURTHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility28265 SW 173RD CTHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility13231 SW 278TH TERHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility14615 SW 288TH STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility25799 SW 122ND PLHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility26901 SW 143 CTHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility1305 SE 7TH STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility1351 N KROME AVEHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility30110 SW 145 COURTHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility13453 SW 289TH TERHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility15700 SW 296TH STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility26423 SW 122ND PLHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility3100 NE 8TH STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility19005 SW 320 STREETHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility29100 SW 172 AVENUEHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility13221 SW 251ST LNHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility221 NE 15 STREETHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility14750 SW 284 STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility14610 SW 296 STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility120 NW 17 STREETHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility122 NW 7 STREETHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility16925 SW 300 STHOMESTEAD
Assisted Living Facility12438 SW 266TH LANEHOMESTEAD