How to Research Prior Lawsuits Against Philadelphia Nursing Homes

Research lawyers who sue nursing homes and read prior lawsuits

Read Lawsuits filed Against Philadelphia Nursing Homes for Neglect, Abuse and Malpractice

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Visit the Philadelphia Courts Website

First, visit to access the Philadelphia Courts web portal. On the homepage, hover over the ‘Courts’ drop down menu from the top banner. Then hover over ‘Court of Common Pleas’. Then hover over ‘Trial Division’, then click ‘Civil’. See the below screen shot for a visual on how to access prior lawsuits filed versus Philadelphia nursing homes.

View dockets of Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawsuits filed against negligent Philly nursing homes

Reading Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Dockets in the Court of Common Pleas

Now that you are on the civil trial division page of the Court of Common Pleas, you can research other lawsuits filed against the subject nursing home.

Searching the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Civil Docket

Go to ‘Search Trial Division-Civil Dockets’ under the ‘Court Calendar, Docket Search’ menu. Click ‘accept’ when prompted with the disclaimer.

Next, click ‘search by person name or company name’.

Searching the Docket for Your Philadelphia Nursing Home

Researching lawsuits against Philly nursing homesNow you should see a screen like this. You should enter the company name of the nursing home and enter the CAPTCHA code that is unique to your civil docket search page.

You can try searching by the d/b/a of the nursing home. However, more likely than not, you will need the legal business name of the nursing home in order to find prior negligence lawsuits filed against it.

How Do I Know the Legal Company Name of my Philadelphia Nursing Home?

Visit Medicare’s nursing home compare website, type the city the nursing home is located in and the name of the nursing home. Look under ‘General Information’ tab for ‘Legal business name’. That will be the corporate name of the nursing home. You can then search using this legal name.

An Example of How to Find Other Lawsuits Filed vs. a Philadelphia Nursing Home

Let’s us ‘St. Monica Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare’ as an example. St. Monica Center for Rehab is a 180 bed nursing home located at 2509 South Fourth Street in Philadelphia, PA. St. Monica has been sued many times in the past for nursing home negligence.

On Medicare’s nursing home compare page, St. Monica in Philly can be found here. By looking at their legal business name, we see that St. Monica Rehab in Philadelphia is legally named 2509 SOUTH FOURTH OPERATING LLC. 

Now, if we go to the civil trial docket page and search by company name, we can input the legal owner of the nursing home where it says ‘Company Name’.

You can now see all the prior civil lawsuits filed against St. Monica’s legal entity, 2509 SOUTH FOURTH OPERATING LLC. 

Civil cases filed against St. Monica Center for Rehab in Philadelphia

Understanding Prior Filings in Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

When looking for the specific allegations in prior lawsuits, find the Complaint. This will outline the specific failures at the nursing home leading to the lawsuit. Remember, these are merely allegations and have not been proven to be true.

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