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New York Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing’s Legal History

This 280-bed nursing home located at 26-13 21st Street in Astoria, NY 11102 has not received the best reviews from the New York State Department of Health. It has only received an overall rating of two out of five stars, and the Department of Health has also given two-star ratings for the facility’s Preventative Care and Quality of Care. According to the Department of Health, in the past three years, New York Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has received a total of 25 complaints, which has led to one, on-site inspection. No complaint-related citations have been issued. However, the facility has received a total of seven standard health and life safety code citations in that same time period.

Two of the latest certification survey results are summarized below.

Certification Survey dated 8/2/2018 Resulting in Citations at New York Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

Lawsuit vs. New York Center for RehabilitationThe surveyor found several deficiencies relating to standard life safety code regulations. For example, one of the doors that opened into the corridor in the basement had a transfer grill. Transfer grills are designed to allow air and heat to pass through doorways. However, this also means that smoke and fire can pass through the door. The transfer grill meant that the door could not resist the passage of smoke from the corridor. As a result, the Director of Engineering stated that he would seal the opening in the door.

In addition, the facility did not ensure that exit lights were either continuously lit or on some type of automatic operation. One of the facility’s exit lighting was operated by a timer, which prevented the area from being lit during certain times. The facility stated that they would remove the timer. Finally, sinks designated for hand washing did not have handles that could be operated without the use of hands.

Certification Survey dated 2/14/2017 Resulting in Deficiencies at New York Center for Rehab

During this survey, it was uncovered that one employee had not been removed immediately from any position that involved direct care or supervision of patients/residents after it was discovered that a Hold in Abeyance notice was issued for the employee from the Criminal History Record Check Program. The Director of Human Resources stated that she had not read the letter in full and assumed it was a clearance letter because the initial wording seemed the same. The employee continued to work at the facility from 9/6/2016 to 2/11/2017. This is an example of negligent hiring and retention.

Moreover, several rooms were noted to be using extension cords rather than fixed wiring. Additionally, the oxidizing gas containers were not stored separated from combustibles by at least five feet. These oxygen tanks had been stored in a plastic crate. Finally, the dry chemical fire extinguishing systems in the service and passenger elevators were not connected to the fire alarm system.

New York Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Lawsuit for Nursing Home Negligence

New York Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is an overall good nursing home, but it is important to keep in mind that small deficiencies can lead to the spread of infection, falls and pressure sores. Moreover, when staff are overworked as is often the case at nursing homes, staff sometimes fail to provide the level of care that your loved one has a right to receive.

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