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Life Care Centers of America is one of the largest nursing home and assisted living facility owners in the United States. The nursing home abuse attorneys at Senior Justice Law Firm have years of experience suing Life Care Centers for nursing home negligence and assisted living neglect. If you think you have a potential case against a Life Care facility, our law firm can help.

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Suing Life Care Centers of AmericaIf your family member was wrongfully injured inside a Life Care Center facility, let our experience help maximize your settlement or verdict.

Our lawyers are here to help you on your lawsuit against the Life Care Centers nursing home or ALF. We are a firm focused on helping victims of nursing home and assisted living facility negligence. This is what we do.

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Life Care Centers of America Background

Life Care Centers of America (LCCA) is the biggest privately owned long-term care corporation in the world. With headquarters in Cleveland, TN and annual revenues in the billions of dollars, the company has facilities in 28 states.

Legal Issues at the Highest Levels of the Corporation

With an estimated self worth of $1.6 billion, Forrest Preston is the owner and controlling executive of Life Care Centers of America. Mr. Preston and Life Care Centers recently agreed to pay $145,000,000 ($145 Million) in a settlement to the federal government for submitting false claims regarding therapy in its long-term care facilities.

Life Care Centers of America Inc. (Life Care) and its owner, Forrest L. Preston, have agreed to pay $145 million to resolve a government lawsuit alleging that Life Care violated the False Claims Act by knowingly causing skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to submit false claims to Medicare and TRICARE for rehabilitation therapy services that were not reasonable, necessary or skilled, the Department of Justice announced today. — US Department of Justice

Additionally, Life Care Center of Kirkland was home to the first outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States.

Spotting a Viable Lawsuit Against a Life Care Center Facility

A federal False Claims Act whistleblower claim is different from an individual nursing home negligence case against Life Care Centers of America. However, in our experience in suing Life Care nursing homes and assisted living facilities, we occasionally find an individual facility injury case is causally linked to a corporate ‘profits before people’ approach.

Bed Sore Lawsuit Against Life Care Centers of America

For example, let’s say your loved one developed a bed sore inside a Life Care Center nursing home. If you hire our law firm to sue the Life Care Center nursing home, we will likely retain a staffing expert to examine the facility’s staff numbers during the time your family member developed a pressure ulcer. In our investigation, we might discover that the facility was understaffed to maximize profits. This likely explains why your family member was stuck laying in bed, causing them to develop their pressure sore.

In Florida, Life Care Centers of America faced a massive $12.35 million jury verdict for failing to reposition an at risk resident, resulting in a bone-deep pressure sore.

Falls Inside a Life Care Nursing Home

Falls are one of the leading causes of death in nursing home residents. Because of this, facilities must utilize fall prevention techniques in order to minimize this risk. If your loved one suffered a preventable fall in a Life Care nursing home, you might have a viable civil lawsuit against the nursing home corporation.

Rapid Weight Loss, Malnutrition and Dehydration

Most nursing home residents are in the facility for assistance with everyday activities. Sometimes, this includes eating and drinking. If a resident is unable to feed or drink on their own, nursing home staff must assist them to make sure they get enough calories and hydration. Failing to do this results in dehydration and weight loss. This is a common cause of action in a nursing home abuse lawsuit, since the facility was tasked with ensuring the resident is appropriately fed, hydrated and cared for.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against a Life Care Nursing Home

Unfortunately, sometimes, nursing home neglect can take the ultimate toll. In cases where a facility’s negligence leads to the resident dying, a wrongful death claim may be pursued. Our nursing home abuse attorneys have pursued many wrongful death lawsuits against Life Care nursing homes.

Life Care Center Nursing Homes

How do you know if the negligent nursing home is owned by Life Care Centers of America? Many LCCA skilled nursing facilities have “Life Care Center” in their name.

Ex: Life Care Centers of Altamonte Springs; Life Care Centers of Escondido, Life Care Centers of Sarasota

Lawsuits Against Life Care Center Nursing HomesOther nursing homes do not contain the corporate brand name. However, if you look on Medicare’s Care Compare website, you can usually determine the corporate ownership of a nursing home.

The Bridge Assisted Living Facility

Many of Life Care’s assisted living and memory care facilities are branded under ‘The Bridge’ name.

Ex: The Bridge at Ocala, The Bridge at Inverrary, The Bridge at Lawrenceville

Other brand names include ‘Garden Plaza’ or a name involving the geographic location of the facility.

Over 200 Facilities Nationwide

Life Care Centers of America has facilities in the following states:

Arizona (10)
Colorado (22)
Florida (21)
Georgia (3)
Hawaii (4)
Idaho (8)
Indiana (15)
Kansas (7)
Kentucky (3)
Massachusetts (15)
Michigan (3)
Missouri (10)
Nebraska (2)
Nevada (3)
New Mexico (1)
North Carolina (2)
Ohio (4)
Oregon (3)
Pennsylvania (1)
Rhode Island (2)
South Carolina (3)
Tennessee (29)
Texas (8)
Utah (2)
Virginia (1)
Washington (15)
Wyoming (3)

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