NHC Place Sumner by NHC Healthcare Complaints and Violations

NHC Place Sumner lawsuits and deficiencies

Background on NHC Place Sumner by NHC Healthcare

Tennessee is home to many nursing homes due to its popularity as a retirement location with fair weather and plenty of natural beauty to enjoy. NHC Healthcare is among the industry leaders in nursing home care in the state, headquartered in Murfreesboro and managing a number of locations across the area. Among these is NHC Place Sumner, a for-profit corporate owned facility located at 140 Thorne Boulevard in Gallatin, TN 37066. This facility is rated at three out of a possible five stars overall by Medicare, though its specific ratings in a variety of subcategories such as health inspections and patient care are varied and sometimes lower. It operates with a resident council but does not accept Medicaid as a form of payment, opting for Medicare only. With 92 certified beds in the facility, NHC Sumner does business as NHC Healthcare-Sumner LLC. This facility has been subject of numerous complaints and violations.

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NHC Place Sumner Historic Data

NHC Sumner has faced citation issues in the past, receiving penalties for 12 deficiencies.  The facility is almost always full or nearly so, exceeding the national average for patients by approximately 10 residents in general. Each resident receives approximately 1 hour and 53 minutes of time with a nurse aid per day, down from the national average 2 hours and 22 minutes. The hours spent being attended by a registered nurse are also slightly below average at 44 minutes per resident per day. Residents who remain at the facility for long-term care generally fare slightly worse than their short-stay counterparts, with an average of 1.27 hospitalizations per 1000 days spent as a resident. Almost 5% of high risk residents present with pressure ulcers at the Sumner location, and long-stay residents who experience a worsening of their ability to perform daily activities sits at 23.7%, significantly higher than the national average of 16.7%. Up to 65.5% of residents in long-term stays at NHC Place Sumner lose control of their bowels or bladder.

Inspections, Complaints, and Violations

The health inspections that are conducted as part of mandatory monitoring for nursing homes reveal that NHC Place Sumner is not without fault. In the most recent health inspection occurring on January 23, 2020, residents were found not to have been assessed correctly, such as by being restrained with a limb strap when no restraining consent form was filed for the resident. In addition, a resident whose physician prescribed regular nebulizer treatment did not have their nebulizer equipment dated and bagged as ordered by their physician. Instead, the materials were left in the open air on top of the machine.

In a previous health inspection on January 24 of 2019, the NHC Place Sumner location failed to create a healthcare plan for a new resident in regards to the mitigation of fall risk, leaving the resident vulnerable to falls and injury. These assessments are to be completed in a timely manner—typically within 48 hours of admission—to ensure that each individual’s medical and wellbeing needs are being met. Additionally, staff failed to update residents’ medical records to maintain an accurate assessment of each individual’s progressing state of wellness.

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