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Has your loved one developed a pressure ulcer, suffered a fall or passed away due to wrongful death inside a Pittsburgh nursing home or personal care home? Pennsylvania law prohibits these kinds of preventable injuries inside extended care facilities.

Our law firm focuses on elder abuse inside nursing homes, assisted living facilities, personal care homes and memory care units. If your family member suffered an injury or wrongful death in an Allegheny County facility, speak with our firm today.

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Senior Justice Law Firm is a firm focused on representing victims of elder abuse inside long-term care facilities. Let our experience in this niche field help you and your family get justice.

We are not a car accident law firm that dabbles in nursing home cases. This is what we do, and we are here to help. Call us today to see why we are different from other injury law firms.

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Pittsburgh, We Have Your Back

Pittsburgh is the capital city of Allegheny County and the most populated city in Western Pennsylvania. Located at the center of the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, “The Steel City” prides itself on self-reliance and friendly people. The metropolitan area of Pittsburgh has more than 2.3 million people and is experiencing a renaissance of sorts.

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Pittsburgh’s Elderly Population

Everyone is familiar with Pittsburgh’s reputation as an industrial town. As American industry moved offshore, many of Pittsburgh’s jobs disappeared. Many of the hardworking industrial workers of Pittsburgh’s past have remained in the greater Ohio Valley area. As a result, Pittsburgh has a large elderly population. These senior citizens are protected by Pennsylvania’s rules an regulations governing long term care facilities.

Protecting Pittsburgh Senior Citizens from Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Negligence

Independent Living, Personal Care Home, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in Pittsburgh

When a loved one’s care needs become too much for a family to handle, it is usually recommended by doctors to place that person inside a long term care facility. There are varying levels of care provided to Pittsburgh seniors. The right facility depends on the patient’s acuity level (how much care and supervision they require).

Independent Living Litigation

Independent living is the lowest duty of care provided to senior residents. Rarely if ever do we encounter viable independent living negligence lawsuits, since these facilities are not legally obligated to provide care to residents.

Personal Care Home Lawsuits in Pittsburgh

A relatively new legal designation in Pennsylvania, the personal care home is obligated to provide basic care and supervision to residents. A common Pittsburgh personal care home lawsuit involves allowing residents to suffer falls and broken bones.

Assisted Living Residence Negligence in Pittsburgh

An assisted living facility is a step up from a personal care home. Most of our Pittsburgh assisted living negligence lawsuits involve a failure to supervise and assist residents. This leads to harmful injuries and in the most grave of scenarios, death.

Pittsburgh Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect Lawsuit

The skilled nursing facility (nursing home) is the highest level of care in the pyramid of extended care facilities. In Pennsylvania, nursing homes are subject to Chapter 211 of the PA Code. Commonly referred to as old folks homes or nursing homes, a skilled nursing facility owes the highest duty of care to its residents. This does not mean that every injury that takes place inside a nursing home is grounds for a lawsuit. However, because a skilled nursing facility has such an elevated legal duty to care and supervise its residents, many nursing home injuries are grounds for a claim.

Pittsburgh Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Unsure what happened to a family member inside an Allegheny County facility? Demand answers. Speak with a Pittsburgh Nursing Home Abuse lawyer now to begin your quest for justice.

Elder abuse is disgusting. When our most vulnerable seniors are abused, neglected, injured or killed, we owe it to society to hold the facility accountable. Through the filing of an Allegheny County nursing home lawsuit, you can help stop the cycle of abuse and neglect.

But What Good Will a Lawsuit Do?

It is true that a civil claim against the at-fault facility will only result in money damages. So why bother bringing a lawsuit if it is too late to prevent harm to your family member?

Those who have lived the nightmare of facility negligence understand that Pittsburgh area nursing homes and memory care facilities are grossly understaffed. Most of these facilities scrimp on staffing budgets in order to maximize profits.

Profits > People in the Corporate Nursing Home World

This profits before people approach is the cause for most injuries inside facilities. If a nursing home, personal care home or assisted living facility had sufficient staff to care for residents, most falls, bedsores and nurse errors would not occur. It is not that the daily caretakers are bad people, it is that the corporate owners routinely understaff the nursing home, setting the caretakers up for inevitable failure.

Money is the Motivation of Pittsburgh Nursing Home Understaffing

The reality is that most nursing homes and assisted living facilities understaff to make more money. Since money is the cause of the problem, the only way to balance the harm done is to take their much-desired corporate profits. A Pittsburgh nursing home negligence lawsuit allows a family to take the at-fault facility’s money. This prompts an internal investigation on the part of the nursing home. If a CEO has to sign a $200,000 settlement check, he or she will undoubtedly make an angry phone call to the facility, instructing them to not let this kind of thing happen again.

How Will I Know if I Have a Pittsburgh Nursing Home Case?

The tug of war in most clients mind is as follows: was the injury preventable? Or was Mom simply too old/sick/confused that this injury was inevitable. It is human nature to second guess the cause of the injury. Yet, it is crucial to remember that these facilities are legally required to prevent injury and harm to residents.

If a toddler wandered out of a day care and was hit by a car, would anyone blame the child?

Common Injuries Resulting in Successful Pittsburgh Nursing Home Lawsuits

  • Bed sores, pressure ulcers and open wounds.
  • Falls, broken bones and head injuries.
  • Significant weight loss, malnourishment, dehydration.
  • Choking and aspiration pneumonia. 
  • Elopement, wandering out of the facility and ‘escaping’ from the nursing home.
  • Unexplained injuries.
  • Sexual abuse and unwanted touching. 
  • Medication errors and mis-dosing of prescription drugs.
  • Wrongful death.

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