Genesis Healthcare Lawsuit for Wrongful Death
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 A Background on Genesis Healthcare

Genesis Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit

Genesis Healthcare is a massive, publicly traded corporation that is in the business of owning and operating nursing homes and assisted living facilities in more than 30 states. Genesis is one of the largest long term care companies in the U.S. and boasts annual revenues in the billions of dollars. 

Genesis Operates Nursing Homes and ALF’s to Make Money

Genesis is in the business of making money. The stock symbol, GEN, is bought and sold by investors based on the company’s profits. The way nursing homes and assisted living facilities make money is simple:

 “A Head in Every Bed”

Empty facilities make no money. For this reason, Genesis Healthcare employs top notch salespeople who are skilled at convincing families to place their loved one inside a Genesis facility. Unfortunately, the promises made during the initial sales pitch do not always match the actual care provided to the resident.

Skeleton Staff Numbers

The largest expense in any nursing home is labor. Paying nurses, LPN’s, CNA’s and aides is by far the biggest cost on the budget. For this reason, for-profit facilities often keep staff numbers at a bare minimum.

A Formula for Disaster

Lots of high acuity residents + low staff numbers = a lack of supervision. This is where we often see the red flags of abuse and neglect that regularly result in a Genesis negligence lawsuit.

Recognizing Indicators of Abuse and Neglect inside a Genesis Facility

  • Bedsores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers.
  • Falls resulting in broken bones.
  • Unexplained injuries, like undocumented fractures and brain bleeds.
  • Rapid weight loss.
  • Dehydration and malnutrition.
  • Wrongful death.

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Prior Genesis Lawsuits

Our attorneys have successfully handled cases against Genesis Healthcare for allegations involving falls, broken bones, bed sores and wrongful death. Most cases settle before trial for a confidential sum of money, so we are unable to publish these results.

Other Genesis Verdicts

Genesis has been held accountable for wrongdoing in civil lawsuit verdicts.

Genesis Healthcare was ordered to pay more than $53 million dollars in a whistleblower lawsuit involving unnecessary services and false billing practices.

A Philadelphia jury awarded more than $5 million dollars in a punitive damage nursing home negligence case against Genesis Healthcare for a case involving infections, dehydration and wrongful death.

Genesis faced legal action in California regarding its company-wide staffing numbers inside its facilities. Although it denied any wrongdoing, Genesis Healthcare settled the nursing home understaffing lawsuit for $62.8 million dollars.

What is My Genesis Nursing Home Lawsuit Worth?

There is no way to accurately predict the value of a nursing home injury or wrongful death case without learning more of the facts.

Factors that may increase the value of your case against Genesis are:

  • A relatively healthy victim;
  • Reckless conduct that may rise to the level of punitive damages;
  • A history of bad conduct that was ignored by facility management and Genesis;
  • A large amount of related medical bills; and,
  • A close knit family that visited the resident often.

Factors that may decrease your Genesis lawsuit value:

  • A resident with lots of comorbidities or a short lifespan;
  • Non-compliance with the care plan or doctor’s orders;
  • The possibility that the injury was related to a naturally occurring disease process, not negligence;
  • A lack of supportive medical documents or testimony; and,
  • An uninvolved family that did not visit the resident.

If you are unsure whether you have a case against Genesis for nursing home abuse, our lawyers can help. Let our years of experience suing nursing homes, like this corporate defendant, guide you on your journey to justice.

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