What to Do if You Suspect Abuse in a Nursing Home

What to Do if You Suspect Abuse in a Nursing Home

Taking action is crucial if you suspect a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. What to do if you suspect nursing home abuse? First, report the abuse to the appropriate agencies. Second, consult with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. At Senior Justice Law Firm, we recognize what a terrible time this is for your family. Hiring a lawyer can help you with reporting the abuse and filing a civil suit against the facility. 

What to Do About Nursing Home Abuse?

Here, we will cover the steps to take when you suspect nursing home abuse in greater detail. 

Document Your Concerns

Keep a detailed record of any signs or symptoms of abuse you may have observed, including any physical injuries, emotional changes, or unusual behavior exhibited by your loved one. Note the date and time of each observation and any conversations you may have had with nursing home staff or management. Gathering this evidence will be crucial in building a solid case if you decide to pursue legal action.

Speak with Your Loved One

Initiate a conversation with your family member about their experiences at the nursing home. Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. Be mindful that they may be hesitant to disclose abuse out of fear of retaliation or worsening their situation. Reassure them that their safety and well-being are your top priorities and that you will take necessary actions to protect them. 

Report Your Suspicions

If you have concerns about your elderly loved one being subjected to abuse, it is crucial to report it to the authorities. You can start the process by getting in touch with the nursing home administrator or director of nursing to discuss your observations. Furthermore, make sure to report any suspected abuse to the adult protective services agency or the health department of your state. Unsure who to contact in your state? Start by calling the National Center on Elder Abuse at 1-855-500-3537. 

Contact the Police 

If your family member is in immediate danger or there’s clear-cut abuse, contact your local police department. The police may intervene or ask you to file a report at least. 

Seek Medical Attention

If your loved one has suffered any physical injuries or displays signs of medical neglect, seek immediate medical attention from a healthcare provider not affiliated with the nursing home. A thorough medical evaluation will help your loved one to receive proper care and document any injuries, which can be valuable evidence in a legal case.

Consult with a Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney

We strongly recommend hiring an experienced nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer licensed to practice in your state. Nursing home abuse cases can be complex, and you need a skilled legal advocate to protect your loved one’s rights. If you’re searching for answers for what to do if you suspect nursing home abuse, please get in touch with Senior Justice Law Firm. We have years of experience representing families and victims of nursing home abuse in multiple states. We know what it takes to build a solid case against a nursing home. Let us review your situation, help you protect your family member, and keep others from becoming victims.

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