Williamsbridge Rehab Sued in Lawsuits; Cited for Care Deficiencies

Suits vs Williamsbridge Center Bronx Nursing Home

The Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has faced prior lawsuits and unfortunately only received a one out of five stars rating on quality of resident life from the New York State Department of Health. The small, 77-bed nursing facility located at 1540 Tomlinson Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461, has also only received a one-star rating for its Quality of Life. The facility has also been the subject of 64 complaints in the past three years, which led to 5 citations, and has received a whopping 34 standard health and life safety code citations.

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Prior Civil Lawsuits Against Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

Williamsbridge Center for Rehab and Nursing has faced prior lawsuits alleging poor resident care. Most of these prior cases against Williamsbridge Rehab settled for a confidential dollar amount.

Survey and Inspection Citations at Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in BX

A summary of the three recent certification surveys is provided below. It is evident from these surveys that the Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing could be placing residents in harm’s way.

Certification/Complaint Survey dated 10/18/2019 at Williamsbridge Rehab in the Bronx

Although the standard health citations in this certification survey are currently not available on the New York State Department of Health website, life safety code citations are listed. Violations include the fact that fire drills were generally conducted towards the end of the month, generally in the afternoon and therefore were not at varied times. In addition, a closet was not provided with adequate illumination as required.

Certification Survey dated 4/23/2019 at Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation 

The surveyor found that the Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) lacked goals and interventions for one resident who was at a high risk of elopement. This particular resident was noted pushing another resident in a wheelchair towards the front gate. When he was intercepted, he started to curse and accuse the facility of stealing his money and threatened to destroy the facility if he was not permitted to leave. The resident was consequently transferred to a hospital. After the attempted elopement, no monitoring interventions or instructions were documented in the resident’s CCP. As a result of this elopement, the facility was also cited for its failure to adequately supervise the resident. Finally, the Director of Nursing stated that the elopement incident had not been investigated and that this was an oversight.

Certification Survey dated 8/28/2018 at Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

During this certification survey, one resident was found without teeth or dentures. When asked, he stated that he had lost his dentures and was waiting for a replacement. He also stated the staff were aware that he needed dentures. The resident’s Minimum Data Set (MDS) showed that the physician had ordered a dental consultation and a follow up for full dentures. When the Registered Nurse was asked for the completed dental consult, she could not locate it. The resident’s MDS had not been updated to reflect that he had oral issues.

This pattern of failing to document care was also reflected for three residents who did not receive any Baseline Care Plan upon admission. The Baseline Care Plan was not provided to residents or their families, and the Director of Nursing stated that at the time some residents were admitted, they had not provided Baseline Care Plans. Moreover, a Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) for another resident did not reflect that he had a left-hand contracture for which a hand split was recommended but never ordered.

In another instance, a resident’s medication was not reviewed on a monthly basis as required. The facility stated that the resident had been in the hospital for several days in that particular month. The pharmacist further stated that once the resident returned to the facility, he had not come back to perform the monthly review.

Finally, a hole was located in the wall in the basement that would prevent the area from being smoke-resistant.

Investigating a Potential Case Against Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing?

The lack of Baseline Care Plans provided to some residents, and the facility’s failure to update CCPs on a timely basis places residents at Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing risk of receiving inaccurate treatment.

Although the facility has recently received higher ratings, it is important for families of residents to remain vigilant and regularly inspect your loved one for potential neglect-related injuries. If your loved one resided at Williamsbridge Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing or any other New York facility and suffered neglect or abuse, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced NYC nursing home abuse attorneys. These kinds of cases are our firm focus.

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