$18 Million Jury Verdict for Brooklyn Bed Sore Case vs. Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home

Plaintiff's Jury Verdict Against Nursing Home for Neglect

$18M Award in the Lawsuit Against Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home

In the case of Estate of John Danzy v. Brooklyn-Queens Nursing Home, a Brooklyn jury returned a whopping $18,750,000 verdict for the plaintiff. Our nursing home abuse attorneys explain this massive verdict.

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Case Facts in Brooklyn Bed Sore Lawsuit

Plaintiff’s Allegations: John Danzy was a 75 year patient suffering from dementia when he was admitted into Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home. He became dehydrated and required a hospitalization at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. While a resident at Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home, he developed pressure ulcers which subsequently became infected. The family grew tired of the care at BQNH and had him transferred to a new skilled nursing facility. Upon admission, Mr. Danzy had twenty (20) documented bedsores. Some of these pressure ulcers were Stage 4 wounds.

His ulcer-based infection set throughout his body, causing sepsis. He ultimately passed away.

The Plaintiff in the subsequent wrongful death lawsuit against Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home argued that the facility violated the Patient’s Rights Statute, New York State Public Health Law ยง 2801-d, and caused Mr. Danzy’s untimely death.

The attorneys for the nursing home denied the allegations and contended that Mr. Danzy’s wounds were unavoidable, and/or caused by poor care at the hospital. The case proceeded to trial before a jury.

Type of Injuries Sustained

Image of a New York bed sore attorney staging a pressure ulcer wound.It was alleged that as a result of the negligence at Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home, Mr. Danzy suffered a pressure ulcer. Also referred to as a decubitus ulcer or pressure injury, this involves a wound that is commonly called a bed sore. Our elder abuse attorneys have extensive experience prosecuting bed sore claims. In fact, the most common injury claim we litigate is pressure injuries like this.

Jury Findings in the Brooklyn Bed Sore Case

The jury returned a verdict against Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home, finding liability on the facility for the plaintiff’s injuries.

The parties reached a settlement agreement known as a high-low which greatly reduced the judgment amount. The facility did not pay $18 million to the family.

Other Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits Against Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home

Cases Against Brooklyn Queens Nursing HomeAlthough this is the largest jury verdict levied against the Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home, the skilled nursing facility located at 2749 Linden Blvd. Brooklyn, NY has faced other civil lawsuits alleging negligence.

Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home was sued in another bed sore case, this time involving a paralyzed man. That case was called Youmans vs. Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home.

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