Abbey Delray Cited for Complaints, Deficiencies & Lawsuits

Suing Abbey Delray for Bad Care and Wrongful Death

Abbey Delray was recently cited by the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration for multiple deficiencies. During a series of unannounced surveys, inspectors found care violations that could potentially lead to harm to Abbey Delray residents.

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A Brief Primer on Abbey Delray Communities

Abbey Delray is owned and operated by LifeSpace Communities, Inc. There are two physical Abbey Delray locations in Delray Beach. One is known as ‘Abbey Delray’ (2105 SW 11th Court Delray Beach, FLand the other is known as ‘Abbey Delray South’ (1717 Homewood Blvd Delray Beach, FL). Both locations have Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing. Our Delray Beach nursing home abuse lawyers investigate cases against both Abbey Delray locations for both skilled nursing and assisted living neglect.

Abbey Delray 11th Court Location:
Surveys and Complaints for Both Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

June 24, 2016 Complaint Survey of Abbey Delray Assisted Living Facility

The Abbey Delray Assisted Living Facility was inspected randomly in the summer of 2016 due to resident complaint. As part of the June 2016 inspection, state agents examined the care of 3 randomly selected residents.

Abbey Delray Resident #1 – Issues With Care

Randomly sampled Resident #1 was admitted to Abbey Delray’s Assisted Living and determined not to be a fall risk. However, investigators found Resident 1 suffered from gait abnormality and needed preventative measures to stop facility falls.

Resident #2 at Abbey Delray – Issues With Care

When the AHCA survey team examined Resident #2’s records, it was determined that the Abbey Delray failed to assess and chart whether this resident’s needs could be met in the assisted living facility. Further, Resident #2 required an emergent admission to the hospital. Following their re-admission back into Abbey Delray ALF, the staff failed to do a re-assessment of the patient.

Resident #3 Issues With Care

Resident #3 of the random 3 resident sample also was found with errors in their chart. Abbey Delray did not have a completed 1823 form in Resident #3’s file, a violation of Florida’s Assisted Living Facility laws.

Citations Based on Complaints Against Abbey Delray

State investigators discussed their findings with Abbey Delray’s Administrator and Director of Nursing. Both acknowledged that all 3 residents had deficiencies contained in their chart.

March 7, 2017 Re-certification Survey of Abbey Delray Assisted Living Facility

AHCA investigators returned to the Abbey Delray Assisted Living on March 7, 2017 for a re-licensure survey. During this inspection, it was determined that the Extended Congregate Care supervisor was not qualifed to serve in that role, as they had not completed the required E.C.C. course.

November 2016 Inspection of the Abbey Delray Nursing Home

AHCA inspectors conducted a surprise inspection of the Abbey Delray Nursing Home on 11/15/2016 and found a whopping 15 violations. This includes deficiencies relating to safety, door locks and electrical power outlets.

Inspection of Abbey Delray South Nursing Home

Abbey Delray South nursing home facility was randomly inspected by AHCA on April 12, 2017. This inspection resulted in 8 deficiency citations. The violations were involving a supply shed that was not approved, unsealed fire smoke stop penetration zones, and fire exits that were not up to code.

A prior March 2016 random inspection resulted in 31 resident care deficiency citations. These violations include unsanitary disposal of waste, 4 aides congregating at a table while ignoring resident needs, failing to provide proper nutrition and hydration to nursing home residents, and failing to treat resident’s with dignity and respect.

Abbey Delray AHCA Citations and Complaints

Lawsuits Over Negligence at Abbey Delray

The following civil lawsuits have been filed against Abbey Delray or its associated corporations.

Suing Abbey Delray in a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

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