Below Average Rating at Envoy Healthcare

Suing Envoy Nursing Home for Abuse

Envoy Healthcare has two locations near Waldorf, MD, both of which are in the Northern Virginia area. While Envoy Healthcare might appear like a small company with little online presence at first glance, they are actually a part of a greater network of nursing homes with Consulate Health Care, a for-profit healthcare corporation. Consulate controls 65 locations across seven states, with only six of those locations bearing the Consulate name. The two locations near Waldorf, MD have less than stellar reviews based upon Medicare’s official rubric.

Poor Health Inspections at Envoy Nursing Homes

Both Envoy of Woodbridge and Envoy of Alexandria received below average health inspection ratings on While the Woodbridge location has slightly more citations than the U.S. average with 11, they received a citation for failing to report suspected abuse, neglect, or theft, which is a violation that could affect many residents within the nursing home. The location was also cited for failing to meet professional standards of quality.

The location in Alexandria fared slightly worse than their sister location, with 13 citations. Among the citations were the failure to develop a plan for residents’ needs and failing to uphold standards of care that respect and treat residents with dignity.

Subpar Quality of Care at Envoy Nursing Facilities

Although Envoy of Woodbridge received positive reviews overall in their quality of care, Medicare notes that short-stay residents fared much worse overall. Short-stay residents were three times more likely to experience a fall with a major injury during their stay than the national average. They were also twice as likely to need antipsychotic medication than the national average.

Envoy of Alexandria, the closer of the two locations to Waldorf, has much worse ratings. While the overall quality of care is listed at below average, their short-term quality of care is much below average. Short-stay residents were re-hospitalized almost 26% of the time, which was 4% more than the national average. The location also rated worse than the national average concerning residents who were able to improve their mobility on their own.

While both locations have maintained good ratings with regards to staffing, which is vital to a well-run nursing home, their ability to execute care is concerning. Staffing is often undervalued by for-profit nursing homes, who see payroll employees as dispensable when trying to cut costs. With quality of care already suffering, if either location were to attempt to reduce costs further, the quality of care could significantly worsen.

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