Boca Raton Adds I-95 Exit at Spanish River Due to Car Accidents

Boca Raton I95 Exit

In response to a growing number of Boca Raton car accidents, the Florida Department of Transportation is constructing a new I-95 exit at Spanish River Blvd. in central Boca Raton. The new I-95 interchange at Spanish River will result in 13 bridges being built in multiple directions to fly over the existing lanes of I-95. Additionally, FDOT has plans to widen Spanish River Blvd. near FAU, which will lighten traffic and decrease Boca car crash incidents.

New Boca Raton Spanish River Exit Construction
Construction begins on the 95 flyover at Spanish River Blvd.

Why is a 95 Spanish River Exit Needed?

For those of us that drive in Boca at rush hour, this is a question that needs no answer. Boca Raton is home to many business commuters that clog Boca’s roadways during the 8-9 AM and 5-6 PM rush hour. Additionally, college students commuting to and from FAU use the same exits (Glades Road and Yamato Road) at the same peak traffic time. Motorists on I-95 need a quicker, more direct route east to downtown Boca and FAU. FDOT’s solution is the new Spanish River exit off of I-95. The exit and corresponding flyover will allow drivers to bypass east/west traffic lights and get to their destination quicker.

Boca Raton’s Historic Car Accident Problem

Wrongful Death Boca Car Accident Glades Road

Boca is a wonderful place to live and work. However, the secret is obviously out. Boca Raton’s streets are critically overcrowded during rush hour. Crowded streets with too many stop lights creates stop-and-go traffic. Stop-and-go traffic is frustrating and dangerous, as rapidly accelerating and braking due to dynamic traffic patterns statistically causes car accidents. Boca Raton has far more car crashes than other Florida cities of comparable size. Unsurprisingly, Boca’s number of car accidents spike during the ‘season’ (October through March) when Boca’s population swells with snowbirds.

Spanish River I-95 Exit Specifics

Project Length: 2.5 miles

Project Limits: I-95 north of Glades Road to Congress Avenue in the City of Boca Raton

Start Date: January 13, 2014

Completion Date: Fall 2017

Estimated Construction Cost: $69 million

Scope of Work: New construction of flyovers and interchange at Spanish River Boulevard and I-95, widening Spanish River Boulevard west of FAU Boulevard, constructing 13 bridges between Spanish River Boulevard and Yamato Road, signalized intersection improvements and the addition of auxiliary lanes on Yamato Road, and sound wall construction along Yamato Road and on the east side of I-95 north of Yamato Road.

Helping Boca Raton Car Accident Victims

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