Florida Assisted Living Nurse Arrested for Filming Residents Having Sex on Snapchat

Assisted Living Nurse Filmed Residents Having Sex

A nurse at Bristol Court Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg, FL is facing criminal charges after being accused of secretly filming an 81 year old ALF resident having sex with another elderly ALF resident. Arresting officers claim the accused nurse, 20 year old Alexis Williams, then posted the clandestine sex video onto Snapchat. Williams’ was arrested after a fellow Snapchat user called police after being disgusted by the elderly sex tape post. The two victims’ names have not been released. However, officers claim that Williams’ snuck into a private room and filmed the sexual encounter between the elderly patients. Upon being arrested, Williams confessed to the crime and is facing charges of video voyeurism as well as video voyeurism dissemination.

There is no extraordinary charge for filming elderly facility residents having sex, but the story has shocked local police officials.

Secret Sex Tape Made by Assisted Living Facility Staff:
A Betrayal of Trust

It is no secret that assisted living facility residents have sex. However, it is important that both sexual partners are consenting adults, and there is no force or coercion involved in the sexual act. CNN recently performed an investigation into sexual abuse inside nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The investigation uncovered a systemic sexual abuse problem in America’s long term care facilities. The authors concluded that sexual abuse is far more prevalent in America’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities, yet the problem is not openly discussed due to embarrassment, shame or the inability to voice concern by vulnerable residents.

More on Bristol Court Assisted Living Facility

Bristol Court Assisted Living Negligence Lawsuit

Bristol Court is a Florida A.L.F. located at 3479 54th Ave. North in St. Petersburg. The assisted living is for-profit, quite large (115 beds) and is owned by Bristol Court ALF BSLC, LLC. Bristol Court was fined by the State of Florida AHCA agency two times in 2015 for care-related deficiencies, which included violations of staff not supervising residents. It is unclear at this time whether the State of Florida will fine Bristol Court for the sex tape incident. It is also unclear whether Alexis Williams had a prior history of sexual abuse, which may lead to an Assisted Living Facility negligence claim being brought against Bristol Court. Based on a Pinellas County docket search, it appears that Bristol Court assisted living facility has been sued in the past in prior ALF negligence lawsuits.

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