Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center Cited for Poor Care, Sued in Lawsuits

Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center Complaints, Reviews and State Violations

Boca Raton Rehab Sued for Negligent Nursing Home Care & Cited by State of Florida Authorities

Our Boca Raton nursing home abuse attorneys have decades of experience suing negligent nursing homes for injury and wrongful death. Unfortunately, Boca Raton Rehab is no exception. Our attorneys have handled numerous cases against the facility, and State of Florida AHCA investigators have cited Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center for multiple violations.

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Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center: Nursing Home Facts

Located at 755 Meadows Road in Boca Raton, FL, Boca Raton Rehab is located adjacent to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital. The legal licensee name for the facility is FI – BOCA RATON, LLC and the facility has 120 beds, accepting both Medicare and Medicaid residents. Although listed as a non-profit facility, many related corporations are for-profit.

Boca Raton Rehab Cited for Violations by State of Florida

A random, unannounced re-certification AHCA survey was performed at the Boca Raton Rehab nursing home on 8/25/16 which resulted in 17 pages worth of violations. State surveyors cited Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center for the following resident care violations:

  • Failing to follow special dietary orders for a resident at risk for choking in the nursing home.
  • Failing to monitor a resident’s medication administration, resulting in medication mistakes.
  • Failing to accurately chart in the resident’s records.
  • Failing to register employees for required background checks.

It is unclear which of these violations, if any, resulted in harm to residents. However, the lengthy citation issued by the State of Florida may be used in subsequent lawsuits against the facility.

2019 Update: Boca Raton Rehab was recently cited on 12/05/2018 and 2/26/2019.

Lawsuits Against Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center, Suing for Residents Rights Violations

Every nursing home patient in Florida is guaranteed Chapter 400 Resident Rights. These include the right to be free of abuse, neglect and wrongful injury. Violating these rights is grounds for a civil claim against the negligent nursing home. The focus of our law firm is on nursing home abuse claims and we have decades of experience pursuing nursing home claims against South Florida facilities.

Below are some of the civil lawsuits filed by resident families against Boca Raton Rehab, suing the nursing home for negligence.

Estate of Estiverne v. Boca Raton Rehab

Allegations: In this lawsuit against Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center, the Plaintiff sued Boca Raton Rehab alleging violations of Florida’s nursing home residents’ rights. The case involves allegations of falls which allegedly caused the patient’s wrongful death on May 17, 2018.

Estate of Morris Weiss v. Boca Raton Rehab

Allegations: In this lawsuit against Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center, the Plaintiff (Eric Weiss, Personal Representative of the Estate of Morris Weiss), sued Boca Raton Rehab for Mr. Weiss’s nursing home falls in the facility. One of Mr. Weiss’s falls resulted in a subdural hygroma and was alleged to have caused his wrongful death.

Estate of Rickaby v. Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center

Allegations: This lawsuit against Boca Raton Rehab involves the Plaintiff (the Estate of Elizabeth Rickaby) suing Boca Raton Rehab for failing to prevent a lethal C-Diff infection and subsequently failing to timely respond to the resident’s declining condition. EMS/paramedics noted “poor CPR in progress nursing home staff.”

This post was updated on 4-9-2019.

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