Brookshire Assisted Living Resident Sexually Assaulted by Female Staff

Melbourne FL Aide Accused of Sexual Molestation of an Elderly Patient

Brookshire Assisted Living Facility, located at 85 Bulldog Blvd. in Melbourne, Florida, is facing an investigation stemming from an employee sexually assaulting an elderly resident. The Brookshire’s aide is accused of molestation of an elderly person after being discovered naked in the vulnerable resident’s room. When police arrived, the resident accused the Brookshire aide of rape. A subsequent rape kit confirmed the resident was assaulted.

Melbourne, FL ALF Employee Criminally Charged with Sexual Assault

Rape in Nursing Homes Occurring Frequently

Guettie Belizaire, a 39 year old employee of the Brookshire, was charged with sexual assault in relation to her conduct with the unnamed elderly ALF resident.

Allegedly, Belizaire was noted to be missing by her coworkers. Around 5 AM on December 13, 2018, the Brookshire notified police that she was missing. Belizaire could not be found. Melbourne police arrived on the scene. When scouring the Brookshire ALF for Belizaire, they found her naked in the elderly resident’s room.

Police have not identified the victim, but have confirmed that he suffered from ‘various ailments’ at the time. It was later reported that the man suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. The male victim claims that Belizaire ‘sexually battered’ him, which was confirmed by a subsequent sexual assault kit. He appeared ‘distraught and confused’ according to police. “She jumped on me and raped me” said the elderly victim to police.

Belizaire is charged with lewd and lascivious molestation of an elderly person and abuse of an elderly person.

“Detectives did work with the staff to ensure there were no other known victims at the time. If (anyone) believes a family member may have been a victim, please let us know.” – Melbourne police spokesperson Marcus Claycomb

More About Brookshire Assisted Living in Melbourne

This assisted living facility has 135 beds and is owned by Consulate Health Care. Consulate has faced its fair share of problems, yet continues to be Florida’s largest nursing home corporation. Our elder abuse lawyers routinely handle cases against assisted living facilities like the Brookshire, and we have handled multiple cases against its parent company, Consulate Healthcare.

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