Criminal Investigation and Civil Suit Filed Against Georgia Nursing Home

sava senior care lawsuit for infection death

Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center Under Investigation for Resident Neglect & Wrongful Death

Local news source WRDW reports that Windermere Nursing Home outside the city center of Augusta, Georgia is facing both criminal and civil investigations after a resident passed away as a result of mold in her catheter and a number of other potential contributors. The victim, Jean Chavous Simmons, passed away the day after being admitted to the hospital with sepsis as a result of a severe catheter infection that had been left untreated for weeks. The death certificated reflects these injuries as her causes of death. Her husband, Mr. Johnnie L. Simmons Sr., sadly passed just two months later.

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Details of the Augusta Nursing Home Abuse Incident Ruled a Homicide by Coroner

The staff at Windermere were responsible for checking Ms. Simmons’ catheter daily and changing it as frequently as needed; however, upon admission to the hospital, her catheter was found to be dirty and full of mold, according to the lawsuit. In addition to the infected catheter that was connected to her death by sepsis, Ms. Simmons also suffered from malnutrition, dehydration, and a number of bed sores, which are not caused by any medical condition other than neglect.

Because of her condition, investigator William Loomer of the district attorney’s office is assisting in the pursuit of a criminal investigation against Windermere for Simmons’ treatment. Coroner Mark Bowen labeled Ms. Simmons’ death as a homicide resulting from neglect.

Crimes Against the Elderly Investigating the Suspicious Nursing Home Death

The Crimes Against the Vulnerable and Elderly task force headed by Loomer is currently assisting the family of the deceased with their civil lawsuit, which alleges that the owners of the Windermere facility conducted their operation primarily for the purpose of profit—even at the expense of residents. Staffing levels were reportedly dangerously low, and the Windermere facility admitted more residents than it was capable of caring for; the purpose of this strategy was allegedly to acquire more payouts from Medicare and Medicaid, even if the short-staffed location could not adequately provide care for so many individuals.

Lawsuit Filed Against the Augusta Nursing Home

Spokeswoman Johanna Hoopes, on behalf of the owners of Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center, declined to comment on the litigation, as it is still pending. The Windermere facility is operated by SavaSeniorCare LLC, a nursing home conglomerate notable for a series of other lawsuits against numerous locations for neglect and abuse. The plaintiffs Sylvia C. Martin and Ricky Lee Chavous, the niece and nephew of Ms. Simmons, respectively, are currently seeking damages to compensate not only for pain and suffering, but also for expenses incurred as a result of Ms. Simmons’ medical care, burial, and funeral services. In addition, they are also seeking punitive damages as a result of the insufficient care provided by Windermere.

The lawsuit is currently still underway, and a legal resolution has not yet been reached. The Superior Court of Richmond County is currently handling the case under the Honorable J. Wade Padgett. The criminal and civil suits are two separate legal decisions, and they will be resolved separately; a ruling on one does not constitute a determination in the other.

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