The Inn at Freedom Square Seminole Litigation and Legal Issues

Cases Against Freedom Square for Resident Neglect

Legal Issues, Citations and Lawsuits at The Inn at Freedom Square, also called Freedom Square of Seminole

Owned by CCRC OPCO Freedom Square LLC since August 2014, The Inn at Freedom Square is a 200-bed assisted living facility located at 10801 Johnson Blvd., Seminole, Florida 33772-4746. The facility states on its website that it provides “whatever you need, it’s always your choice – including bathing, dressing and grooming, medication management, and personal maintenance.” However, it is unclear if the Seminole assisted living facility provides the right level of care for all residents.

The deficiency citation reports issued by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration against The Inn at Freedom Square show that not all residents received appropriate care and supervision. These deficiency reports give insight into how the facility is operated on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, The Freedom Square assisted living facility has been the subject of lawsuits and civil claims for damages resulting from Florida ALF negligence.

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Lawsuits vs. The Inn at Freedom Square ALF

The Inn at Freedom Square has been sued in negligence lawsuits in the past. However, these prior lawsuits against Freedom Square for resident abuse or neglect resolved in confidential settlements.

As such, the other cases against Freedom Square and the settlement value of those cases are not available for public disclosure.

Relicensure Survery dated 12/4/2020 at The Inn at Freedom Square and Freedom Square Memory Care in Seminole, FL

During this re-licensure survey, Florida’s state agency found no deficiencies and issued no citations against The Inn at Freedom Square. The facility was operated to all state standards.

Complaint Statement of Deficiencies dated 10/15/2018 at Freedom Square of Seminole

During this inspection, it was noted that the current employee list provided to the surveyor by the Administrator was not consistent with the Background Screening Roster. Namely, two employees were listed on the Background Screening Roster but were not listed on the employee list provided to the surveyor. The Administrator stated in response that the Director of Human Resources was in charge of updating the Background Screening Roster and she did not know either of the two missing employees. The Director of Human Resources confirmed that one staff member had been transferred and another terminated.

In addition, for one employee, there was no evidence that a Level II background check had been done for that employee although she had been eligible for one. The Director of Human Resources confirmed that there was no updated Level II background screening on file.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies 8/23/2016 at The Inn at Freedom Square at Seminole

30 days after employment, every employee of an assisted living facility must provide a written document from a health care provider that the employee is free of communicable diseases. One staff member did not have such a statement on file. While the Administrator attempted to find a copy of the statement elsewhere, she stated later that it was not available.

Standard Statement of Deficiencies 7/15/2013 at Freedom Square Senior Living Community

The surveyor noted two residents had catheters and required the use of a urine bag that was to be changed every morning from a bed bag to a leg bag, then changed back to a bed bag at night. The staff should have noted the changes each morning and night on each resident’s Medical Observation Record but did not do so. Thus, there was no way to tell if the bags had been changed properly as ordered by each resident’s physician.

Conclusion – The Inn at Freedom Square Seminole is a Good Assisted Living Facility, but No Facility is Perfect

Make no mistake, Freedom Square at Seminole is an overall great long term care facility. However, no facility is above making a mistake with your loved one’s care and supervision.

The above deficiency statements show that The Inn at Freedom Square has been lax about its employees receiving health checks that are in place to protect residents’ health, has not been diligent about its employee roster and ensuring that all employees receive background checks, and has not properly filled out Medication Observation Records in the past. These practices can place residents directly at risk, as infections can be brought in by staff, residents may be at risk of abuse if background checks are not properly conducted, and there is no way to discern if residents are receiving their prescribed medication and treatment properly without an accurate Medical Observation Record.

Just because a facility like Freedom Square is a ‘good’ ALF, this does not mean you can let down your guard. Sadly, one must remain vigilant in looking for signs, symptoms and red flags of elder abuse, regardless of the facility.

If your family member was abused, neglected or suffered serious injury inside a Florida facility, do not hesitate to contact our firm to investigate the matter at no out of pocket cost to you. We work exclusively on contingency fee.

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